Where are they now? QB1 edition

Netflix premiered in 2017 showcasing top High School QB senior season before going to college. It shows them on and off their football field and allows you to see how each kid goes day to day. The series shows how theses athletes handle injuries, pressure, hardship, and regular High School drama. The follow the QB because they are the biggest names/stars on most teams and often the guy everyone knows on the team. QB is looked as the most important player on the team. Season 4 has confirmed their 3 QBs but don’t have a released date yet. The 3 studs are Carson Beck committed to Georgia, Bryce Young committed to Alabama and Anthony Richardson committed to the Gators.

Season 1

Jake Fromm (Georgia)- The man with the best career in college so far is Jake Fromm at Georgia. In the series, you could see how hard Fromm work at his goal to break the Georgia passing record when he was rushed to the hospital with a full-body cramp from his workout. Jake Fromm took over for injured Jacob Easton and stayed the starter since then, Easton a 5-star QB transferred as while as Season 2 star Justin Fields transferred from Georgia. Jake Fromm has played in an SEC Championships game every year and during his freshman season a college football Championship after beating Oklahoma in double OT. Fromm’s future is up in the year if he will enter the draft or return for his senior season at Georgia. His future looks bright in the NFL likely to be an early draft pick with currently having over 7,000 yards with 67 Touchdowns and only 16 interceptions.

Tate Martell (Ohio State/Miami)- Tate was highly ranked as the number 1 player in the country as Bishop Gorman won back to back national championship never losing a game he started and winning National Player of the Year. Tate was not a fan favorite for his cockiness on and off the field. Tate went to Ohio State and redshirted and was suppose to be the guy after Dwayne Haskins left for the draft until Justin Fields transferred to Ohio State. Tate then transferred to Miami and got immediate eligibility but didn’t win the starting job. Tate then switched the wide receiver but saw limit time, now back to QB and listed as the 3rd string QB. Tate started dating Instagram star Kiki Passo and social media has been blaming her for Tate not playing and his leave of absence from the team. The one time big HS stud career is up in the air and his time is running out in college.

Tayvon Bowers (Wake Forest)- Bowers is the forget one in this season despite throwing for 4,000 yards his first season as a starter in HS. He lost many of his weapons but still had a strong senior season even though he got injured to finish the season. Many believe Tayvon had a chance to be a starter as a true freshman at Wake Forest but wasn’t listen as the top 3 QB even though he lost 25 pounds and was in great shape. After he redshirted he still listed as QB 3 behind season 2 Sam Hartmann and with only 2 years left Bowers may look to follow Tate footsteps and find a new home.

Netflix Season 1 cover (Netflix.com)

Season 2

Justin Fields (Georgia/Ohio State)-  Fields was one of the most highly recruited players in history with ESPN covered one of his game where neither team was nationally ranked. During Fields time on the show where he was going to play was the biggest issue and committed to Georgia in the last episode. Many believed it was a mistake since QB1 star Jake Fromm just led the team to a National Championship but Fields wanted to play for his home state. After seeing limited time at Georgia he transferred to Ohio State and got immediate eligibility using baseball players were calling him a racial slur. Fields won the job and have led Ohio State to a 13-0 record, Big Ten Championship and into the college football playoffs. Fields has thrown for almost 3,000 yards, 40 passing touchdowns, 1o rushing touchdowns, and 1 interception (yes only 1). Fields is a Heisman finalist and has had an unreal first season as the starter. Fields future also looks bright at Ohio State and will likely be a top 15 pick when he enters the draft.

Sam Hartmann (Wake Forest)- Hartmann’s family moved from North Carolina to South Carolina for his senior season where he would play for Oceanside who is only in their second season of the football program. Their first season there were 0-8 and with Hartmann leadership, they went 7-3. Hartmann went to Wake Forest and won the starting job, throwing for 1,986 yards, 16 touchdowns, 8 interceptions before breaking his leg. Hartmann lost the starting job to Jamie Newman who took over after Hartmann broke his leg. Hartmann decided to redshirt his sophomore year and has seen time in the last 3 games of the season with Newman being injured. Hartmann looks to win the starting job next year and should be the guy after Newman is done next year.

Re-al Mitchell (Iowa State)- Re-al was looked at as a receiver or safety and not a QB but he wanted to stay at QB at St. John Bosco (Powerhouse in Cali). Eventually, in the show you see him get a bench for sophomore DJ Uiagalelei who has committed to Clemson now. Re-al moved to safety his freshman year but redshirting, and now has switched to QB. Despite Brock Prudy winning the job as a true freshman. As the backup, he has run the ball 10 times for 100 yards and a touchdown, as while throwing 1 pass for 9 yards for a TD. Re-al has said he staying patient and will have special packages to use his speed.

Season 2 Star Field (Photo by Jake Westerheide)

Season 3

Spencer Rattler (Oklahoma)- Spencer has been compared to Season 1 Tate Martell with his attitude and cockiness for football and basketball (played with Arizona Wildcat star Nico Mannion). Spencer was the number 1 player in the country and look to break Arizona passing record. Despite Spencer consent pressure on backup JD Johnson (Michigan commit) who broke the record. Spencer was suspended for the end of his senior year in which the family has kept the reason private, and spencer has been ineligible for his freshman year for violating a school policy. Rattler was publicly upset when transfer Jalen Hurts came to OU but it allowed Rattler to learn the program. Rattler saw time in the opener against South Dakota going 4-4 for 50 yards and a touchdown. With Jalen Hurts graduating hopefully Rattler grows up and takes over for Lincoln Riley offense for years to come.

Nick Scalzo (Kentucky)- Nick is a daredevil as he was shown sky diving and cliff jumping. Nick is also tough injuring his knee in the state semi-finals limping on the sideline and finish the game. After Nick found out he tore his ACL and will miss the state championship in which his team won (joining Tate as only state champs). At Kentucky, Nick tore his ACL the day after season 3 was released, and took his medical redshirt. With two major knee injuries, Nick’s future is up in the air. Hopefully, for this young man, he can stay healthy and led the Wildcats.

Lance LeGende (Maryland)- Lance grew up in a small town in New Orleans with his single mother. Lance was injured his junior year and committed to Kansas to “jump on a roster”. Lance help led his game to the State Championship in the Superdome and lost 30-28. During the season Lance decided to un-commit to Kansas and with his new confidence committed to Maryland a week after the championship game. Lance was listed as the 4th QB on Maryland depth chart and should redshirt his freshman year. Lance hopes to improve and look to be the man for Maryland one day. 

Netflix Season 3 cover (Netflix.com)

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