WWE All-time Finishers

Every World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler has their own finisher move that most often ends the match with a WOW factor. Wrestlers are known for there finisher move and few of them even have their name in them. Looking at All-time wrestler I put together a list of the Top 10 current finishers. Many factors were in place in these rankings, which include the hype for the move, difficulty of the move and style points.

some Legends of the WWE (Photo by WWE.com)

#10 Spear- Edge

Many have used the Spear as their finisher but none better then Edge. The football like tackle going through their opponent just crushes them. Edge teamed up with Randy Orton to form Rated RKO and having 2 of the best finishers in the world. Edge career was cut short due to injury but is the best to do the spear.

Top 10 Edge Spear (Youtube.com)

#9 Swanton Bomb- Jeff Hardy

The Hardy Boyz are known for being high flyers and Jeff’s Swanton Bomb is the best finisher of the top rope. Flipping off the top landing his back on his opponent laying on the ground then pinning them to win. Jeff even has done this finisher off top of ladders or onto opponents on tables. The Hardy Boyz are some the best acrobats in WWE and Jeff finisher lands him on the Top 10 list.

Best of Jeff Hardy Swaton Bomb (Youtube.com)

#8 Rock Bottom – The Rock

Once the face of WWE was Dwayne “the ROCK” Johnson who dominated with his Rock Bottom finish. Rock uses his strength and picks up his opponent with his arm across their chest and slams them to the ground. This move is key because he can quickly get into it and end the match with the Rock Bottom. The Rock is family legacy in the WWE with him being a third generation wrestler and his daughter is looking at joining WWE.

Top 10 Rock Bottom from the Rock (Youtube.com)

#7 Attitude Adjustment – John Cena

John Cena took over WWE after The Rock with his finisher The Attitude Adjustment “AA” finisher. The Attitude Adjustment is when Cena picks up his opponents on his shoulders and flips them onto the ground. Cena has done this move to the biggest wrestlers like the Big Show and have launch opponents into tables, out of the ring and many other objects. I will admit this move got more points because its John Cena but the AA is a top all-time finisher.

Cena Top 10 Attitude Adjustments (Youtube.com)

#6 Stunner- Steve Austin

Steve Austin, MR. 3:16, Stone Cold, Texas Rattlesnake is a WWE legend and his move the Stunner follows as a top move. Steve Austin kicks his opponent then grabs his opponent by the head will falling to the ground and bounces their head off their air. Steve Austin know for chugging beer and loves hitting people with the Stunner while they are drinking.

Top 10 Stone Cold Stunner (Youtube.com)

# 5 Pedigree – HHH

The DX star, creator of NXT, authority figure Triple H has been was named most hated wrestler of the decade in 2000-2010. To do Triple H Pedigree he put his opponent between his legs then slams them into the ground. Triple H will always be around WWE since he is married to Stephanie McMahon the daughter of executive/promoter Vince McMahon who is in control of everything WWE.

Top 10 Pedigrees from Triple H (Youtube.com)

#4 Batista Bomb- Batista

With a move similar to the Pedigree the current movie star Batista uses the Batista Bomb. Batista was apart of Evolution with Triple H, Randy Orton and Ric Flair. Batista Bomb sets up like the Pedigree and then picks them up above his hand and slams them onto the mat. Batista entering the Hall of Fame this year in 2020 and his move is an all-time finish.

Top 10 Batista Bombs (Youtube.com)

# 3 Jackhammer- Goldberg

Goldberg the former NFL player in which you can tell by looking at him. Goldberg part of the Attitude Era has been a part-time wrestler the last few years but his Jackhammer is an all-time finisher. The Jackhammer is Goldberg lifts the opponent upside down in the air and then slams them into the ground. This along with his Spear makes him look unstoppable which is why he had such a long undefeated streak.

Top 10 Jackhammers (Photo by Youtube.com)

#2 Tombstone Piledriver- The Undertaker

The Dead Man Undertaker is another WWE legend that had a 21 win streak at Wrestlemania. Undertaker has planted many opponents using the Tombstone where he holds the opponent upside down and jumps to his knee banging their head on the ground. Then when they are laying their he put their arms across them and sticks his tongue out to pin them. Undertaker move is complete and to his character which lands him at number 2.

Greatest Tombstone from the Undertaker (Youtube.com)

#1 Sweet Chin Music- Shawn Micheals

Shawn Micheals “the heartbreak kid” sweet chin music is the best finisher in WWE history. His Tag Team partner Triple H is always on this list beating Rated RKO finishers. They formed D-Generation which is the best tag team off All-time. The Sweet Chin Music is when Michaels kick the opponent under the chin and knocks them out. This is the best because it could come at anytime and can be used on any opponent he even has hit Triple H with it.

Nothing better then some Sweet Chin Music (Youtube.com)

Big 3 Targets

Ice Cube 3 on 3 leagues is getting ready to kick off year 3 of the league on June 20th. The Big 3 is currently working on putting their teams together and already has big names MVP Joe Johnson and Zach Randolph confirmed for season 3. Ice Cube league is changing the game and with this list of 12 ballers, they should look to sign to give itself more recognition as while as upping the competition. Each of these ballers brings something unique to the league and either been passed up by in the NBA or their game didn’t translate to the NBA as good as they wish.

Big 3 already is full of ex-NBA pros (Photo by Big3.com)

Nick Young– Swaggy P has a decent NBA career averaging 11.4 in his 13-year career. Young is known for his engagement with Iggy Azalea that broke off in 2016 when a video came out that Young said he was having an affair. Swaggy P is cousins with Kendrick Lamar and NBA player Kevin Looney. Nick Young is a 6’7 wing that can get buckets and is perfect for the Big 3 with his style. Swaggy P stands for prophet of Swag.

JR Smith- The Henny God went to the NBA straight out of high school in 2004 and being named Co-Mcdonald All-American Game (Dwight Howard) was drafted 18th by the Hornets. Smith has great talent but often but reported he has a poor work ethic. During the NBA lockout, Smith played a season in the CBA where he averaged 34.4 ppg, 7.4 rpg, 4.1 apg, and 2.5 spg in 32 games. Smith has been part of many Controversies in the league most recently not wearing a shirt during the NBA parade victory. Smith is perfect for the 3 on 3 half-court game and his popularity would bring in fans.

Jimmer Fredette– Jimmermania took over in 2011 during Fredette senior year where he averaged 29.3 ppg and was unanimous player of the year. Holding many BYU and MWAC conference records for his scoring ability and deep 3 shooting, had Obama and Kevin Durant public have said Jimmer is the best scorer in the world. Jimmer’s popularity continued when he was drafted 10th by the Kings with sales up 54% and his jersey being sold out in stores and online (I still have mine). Jimmer never became the star he was in college struggling in his 5 years in the league eventually playing in the D-league. In his D-league debut, he scored 37 and was the All-Star game MVP. Jimmer’s next stop was the Shanghai Sharks where he became a star again averaging 37.6, and 36.9 in his 2 years in the league having a career-high 75 in a game (40 in the 4th). Jimmer did make in back in the NBA last season but only played 6 games with the Suns and now playing in the Greek top-tier league in Europe. Jimmer shooting and scoring ability will be huge for the Big 3, especially with the 4-point shoot Jimmer would be an easy candidate for MVP of the league.

Jimmer has taken over China since his NBA days (Photo by Slamonline.com)

Joakim Noah– The back-to-back Champ with the Florida Gators was drafted 9th by the Bulls in 2007. Noah had a long productive career as the starting center in Chi-town making the playoffs from 2009-2015. Noah had a career year in 2014 was named an All-NBA first team and Defensive player of the year. Noah left Chicago in 2016 after losing his starting spot and battling a shoulder injury, he signed with the Knicks with the “worst signing in franchise history” averaging 5.5 ppg and 8.8 rpg in his 46 starts. After the Knicks for 2 seasons, he agreed to a buyout and went to Memphis for a year. Noah recently signed with the Clippers to finish this season but career doesn’t look much longer after that and his tough style of defense would fit in the Big 3.

Jeremy Lin– The first American of Chinese descent in the NBA and first Asian American to win an NBA championship Lin have had a great career since he was barely recruited out of HS. He was named Northern California player of the year his senior year but had no athletic offers he went to Harvard where he became a 3-time All-conference player. Lin sign with the Warriors and played on their D-league team before getting waive after a couple of seasons. In 2011 Lin’s career took over with the Knicks when he was inserted into the starting lineup due to injuries. Linsanity won 7 games in a row and took over the world as a pop culture icon. Lin play help the Knicks make the playoffs that season and he became an international icon landing on the cover of Sports Illustrated. After the Knicks season, Lin signs a big contract with the Houston Rockets that people were shocked the Knicks didn’t match since they needed a young guard for the future. Lin had some success in Houston but battled through injuries and inconstant play made Lin expendable. Lin also played for the Los Angeles Lakers, Charlotte Hornets, Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks, and Toronto Raptors in his career and now in the CBA. Lin’s passing ability to lead as a guard will help him be a great player in the Big 3.

Jamaal Crawford– J-crossover is one of the best ballhandlers in NBA history, first 3-time 6th man of the year winner, most 4 point plays in NBA history, the oldest player to score 50 in a game (most by player of the bench), 1st to score 50 with 4 different teams, and the 2nd player in history to have 10,000 points in career off the bench. Crawford was drafted with the 8th pick by the Bulls in 2000 when he was traded to Cleveland. Crawford has had a long career off the bench is a valuable asset to the Clippers playoff runs. The Big 3 is perfect for Crawford who still got game and with his ball-handling and shooting ability his game will translate perfectly for the 3 on 3 game.

J-crossover would be perfect for 3 on 3 (Photo by Azcentral.com)

Kenneth Faried– The “Manimal” got his nickname for playing hard and his fearlessly which is perfect for Big 3. Faried went to Murray State and was a 2-time conference player of the year, All-American and D1 career rebound leader. Faried was drafted 22nd by the Nuggets in 2011 and had a great rookie season finishing 3rd in the rookie of the year voting. After 5 productive seasons with the Nuggets, Faried had some back issues and saw his role change with his last 2 seasons after the Paul Millsap signing. Faried went to the Nets and then the Rockets but some limit time and the 30-year-old NBA career look over. Faried a 6’8 post fearless play should make him an easy signing for Ice Cube’s league.

Trey Burke– The National player of the year, led Michigan to the National Championship game, and single-season assist record all in 2013. Burke was drafted 9th by the Timberwolves and traded to the Jazz. Burke’s career started strong starting for the Jazz and even though he missed some time due to injury he finished 3rd in the rookie of the year. During his second season with the Jazz struggling 14-28 Burke got benched for Exum. The following season Burke stayed on the bench behind Nato having him be the leader of the reserves. Burke then went to the Wizards, Knicks, Mavs, 76ers and saw limit time and nothing more than a role player. Burke is currently a free agent and career looks likely over with teams looking for young guards. Burke could be ideal for the Big 3 with his leadership and the passing ability he displayed in college.

Anthony Bennett– One of the biggest bust in NBA history being drafted number 1 overall by the Cavs Anthony Bennett. The Mcdonald All-American played limit time in college dealing with a shoulder injury but was extremely efficient with a PER of 28.3. In his rookie season took him 33 games to scored double digits 3 times as long as any other number 1 pick. He was traded to Minnesota the next season in part of the Kevin Love deal and there he had a career-high 5.2 ppg in 57 games. After a contact buy-out, he went to the Raptors and the Nets mostly playing in the G-league. He then signed with Fenerbahçe in Europe and won the championship but he averaged 1.2 ppg in 10 games. He then came back and played in the G-league for 2 more seasons and currently a free agent. Bennett has struggled at the pro level but still a great athlete with a notable name being the 1st pick in the draft. If he is signed by the Big 3 league it will be up the league by having another name for the casual fans.

The former number 1 pick of the draft (Photo by Joe Camporeale-USAToday)

Michael Beasley– The number 1 HS prospect in 2007 Beasley went to Kansas State where he continues to dominate scoring 26.2 (3rd in the nation), 12.4 RPG (1st), 28 double-doubles, shot 54% from the field, 39% from 3. To go along with his numerous records, All-American honor, Big-12 Player of the Year, and 2nd player taken in the draft to Miami in 2009. Scoring has never been a problem in Beasley’s 11-year career where he had a career-high 19.2 ppg in 73 games with the Wolves. Beasley struggles came with the off-court incidents mostly for Mary Jane ending up being suspended multiple times. Beasley has had a few stops in the CBA where he also dominated scoring 28.7, 31.9 in his first two seasons in 2015/2016. Beasley NBA career looks likely to be over after playing for the Lakers last season and at 31-years old looked over for younger players. Beasley will be a great fit for the Big 3 since he’s a professional bucket getter as a 6’9 wing with great athleticism.

Lance Stephenson– Mr. New York Basketball (2009), McDonald All-American, 4-time state champ, scoring school-record- 2,946 points, and Big East player of the year at University of Cincinnati. Stephenson was the youngest player on the documentary Gunnin’ for the #1 spot where they followed 8 HS prospects looking to be NBA top draft pick. Stephenson was drafted with the 40th pick to the Pacers where he spent his 1st 4 seasons. In his 3rd year when Danny Granger got injured Stephenson stepped up and had a breakthrough season and proved he could play in the NBA. Stephenson started 78 games the next season where he averaged 13.8 ppg, 7.2 rpg, league-high 5 triple-doubles, and finish 2nd in the most improved player of the year. Stephenson and the Pacers were the 1st seed in the East where they played Miami in the Conference final where Lance used strange tactics like blowing in Lebron’s ear. Stephenson looking for big-time money tested free agency going to the Hornets where he never became anything more than a role player at his next 6 stops including another stop with the Pacers. Stephenson currently in the CBA where he helps the Liaoning Flying Leopards win the championship and MVP of the tier. Stephenson is a gritty guard in what the Big 3 looks for and Stephenson like Young is an icon for fans to watch.

Ron Baker– Baker unlike most of the names on this list was under-recruiting in Kansas where he won the 3A title. Baker turned down offers to Arkansas–Little Rock, Eastern Illinois, and South Dakota State and walked-on to Wichita State where he redshirted his first season. Baker proved to be an elite free throw shooter but struggled to score as a freshman where he missed half of the games due to stress fracture in the foot. In his second season, he helped the shockers make a run in the tournament shooting 40% and 42% from 3. During his third season with Fred VanVleet (current Raptors player), Wichita State became the 1st time to go the regular season undefeated. Ron was three-time MAC championships, 9 NCAA Tournament wins, two trips to the Sweet 16 (2015) including a Final Four run (2013). As a senior in 2015–16, he averaged 14.0 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 3.2 apg, 1.51 spg and named as a Second Team All-American. Baker went undrafted and after a summer league tryout was signed to the Knicks. As a rookie, Baker earned 13 starts averaging 4.1 ppg but in his 2nd year missed many games due to injuries. Baker eventually was cut and only played 4 games with the Knicks before signing to the CSKA Moscow. Baker is a strong shooter who like Jimmer could be a 4-point shot king and like Jason Terry can be a great leader for a Big 3 team. Baker signing will bring in college basketball fans that what Baker led the Shockers to March Madness success.

Former college star Ron Baker (Photo by WichitaState.com)

NFL Free Agents QB Destination

This offseason has the biggest QB names available and will make it an interesting summer. Every summer big name players contracts are up and they go get big time money. Players also look for the best fit for themselve to try and win the Super Bowl. QBs is the most important position on the team and for these 13 QBs its time to get paid and maybe change teams. Teams can either sign QB in free agency or look to draft there franchise QB. I suggest the best destination is for these top 12 QB that are on the market or rumored to be traded. Free Agency official starts March 18th, but the legal tampering starts March 16th. I believe Eli Manning and Joe Flacco will retire since their play have decline so much over the years. Josh Rosen (rough 2 seasons) and Nick Foles (bad contact) could be trade bait for this season but wherever they go they are looking for QB2 spots and hard to say where they may end up if anyway.

Biggest names on the market (Photo by ESPN.com)

Tom Brady- Patriots: I’m not buying any of the Brady to 49ers hype, why wouldn’t the 49ers trade away a 26 year old QB that brought them to the Super Bowl for a 43 year old that career is likely over soon. I don’t see Brady going anywhere other then New England and for his legacy he shouldn’t. Unless he goes somewhere and makes the playoffs he going to look like a system QB and should retire as a Patriot.

Phillip Rivers- Colts: Rivers and the Chargers have parted with so Rivers will be with a new team since 2004 and the Colts look like the most likely team. Colts were left shocked when Andrew Luck retired during training camp last year and even though Brissett started off strong he struggled late. Rivers will bring experience in and with Ty Hilton. Rivers and the Colts seem like the perfect fit as Rivers still looking for that Superbowl title.

Jamies Winston- Steelers: Famous Jamies the 1st QB in NFL history to have a 30-30 season will not return to the Bucs with his turnover issues and starting games with pick 6s. Winston needs a new team and with the Steelers he can sit behind Big Ben who is old and fragile now. Winston eventually will take over for the Steelers offense and be able to cut down the turnovers to led the them to the playoffs.

Jameis likely won’t be the Bucs Qb next season (Photo by Chris O’meara)

Dak Prescott- Cowboys: Dak took the next step this last season having career best numbers and proved he can be the Cowboys face of the franchise. Cowboys already paid Zeke and now time to pay Cooper and Dak. With new coach Mike McCarthy they need to bring back the key pieces of the offense starting with the QB.

Drew Brees- Saints: Of the 3 Saints QB on the market Brees is the biggest name as the Super Bowl MVP, record holder and likely 1st ballot Hall of Famer announcer on Instagram that he is returning for another season. Saints are not going to let their star leave and hope that Brees-Kamera-Thomas can make a Super Bowl run instead of the disappointing ending of the last 3 years.

Taysom Hill- Saints: Hill who many believe can be a QB1 in the NFL and not just the “swiss army knife” for the Saints will also return. Saints put a 1st round tender on Hill and no one is going to give up a 1st round pick for the former BYU QB that has never started a game in the NFL with a 46.6 passer rating. If Hill going to be a future NFL QB he will need to learn from Brees for another season and take over from there.

Teddy Bridgewater- Bucs: The former Viking QB who only saw 3 snaps in 2 years due to a freakish knee injury in training camp. Bridgewater came in when Brees broke his thumb and kept Saints as division leaders. Bridgewater will look to became QB1 again in free agency and the Bucs are the perfect fit. Teddy is a great game manager that won’t throw 30 interceptions and with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin will help them compete with the Saints for the Division.

All 3 Saints QBs are free agents (Photo by Mark Lagrange)

Ryan Tannehill- Titans: Tannehill career took a quick 180 when he went from Miami to Tennessee where he replaced Mariota and led the Titans to the AFC conference Championship. Tannehill looked perfect for the Titans offense having a high competition percentage to go with Derrick Henry run game. Titans need to bring back both Tannehill and Henry to have similar success as this year.

Marcus Mariota- Bears: Mariota struggled toward of last year ending up getting replaced by Tannehill. Mariota a free agent should look at Chicago where his OC from his Oregon days is currently at. Mariota would push for a battle with Trubisky and if Trubisky struggles continue Mariota could take over. The Bears have plenty of talent and need to find a QB that can lead the offense.

Cam Newton- Not getting traded: Rumors of Cam Newton not going to be a Panther is false, even with the Panthers struggles last year Cam will be back with new coach Matt Rhule. Rhule will have a new offense that will feature Newton and McCaffery with O-line help to keep Cam healthy.

Derek Carr- Raiders: Bring in Case Keenum- Carr almost brought the Raiders to the playoffs last season and will be back to give them another chance. Raiders need to bring in competition for Carr to make him step up to the next level or if a change does need to happen and I believe a guy like Case Keenum would be perfect to bring in a the backup.

Andy Dalton– Patriots: With Joe Burrow likely a lock to the Bengals at number 1 it looks like Dalton time is over in Cincinnati as the starter. Even though he could be Burrow back-up or start a couple games to ease Burrow it looks like he will likely be traded and I think to New England. Even if Brady comes back Dalton will be able to sit for a year and learn the offense or if Brady leaves he can come be the game-manager he is and do just enough to lead the Pats.

Red Rocket the man to replace Brady? (Photo by Clutchpoints)

XFL Stars to Watch

The XFL is a start-up football league that made their debut in 2001 which lasted one season but is back now and has the sports world tuning in to it. The first run Vince McMahon had it similar to WWE and was more for its gimmick than actual football. This time around its legit football and all about there slogan for the love of football. The XFL is unique with their different rules like their own kickoff rule, double pass, for extra points teams have a choice to go for 1-2-3 and their kind of ball. These 8 teams each have former college stars or NFL players that didn’t make it but still wanting to continue to play football. Going through each team I will highlight guys to watch or that you may have heard of that will be important for this league to grow. I will also make a list of 10 guys these XFL teams should sign that will give more recognition to the league as while as help raise the level of competition in the league.

XFL promo with the teams jerseys (XFL.com)

Dallas Renegades

  • Coach: Bob Stoops- Biggest coaching name in the league Stoops won 1 national Championship and 10 big 12 titles during his time at Oklahoma who came out of retirement to coach in the XFL.
  • Landry Jones (QB)- Jones played for Stoops at OU and had a superior career throwing for over 16,000 yards and 123 touchdowns which got him drafted in the 4th round by the Steelers (2013) becoming Ben Roethlisberger back up for many years. Jones was the 1st player to sign to the XFL and after Ben Roethlisberger season ending injury the Steelers try to sign Jones but were blocked by the XFL.
  • Jazz Furguson (WR)- Jazz ran a 4.45 40 at the combine but was undrafted and signed with the Seahawks practice squad (2019). Jazz played for Northwestern State and should be able to showcase his speed in Stoops offense and Jones at QB.
  • Brogan Roback (QB)- Brogan the HBO Hard Knock star (2019) when he was with the Browns recently signed with the Renegades. He played at Eastern Michigan where he had 8,653 yards, 57 touchdowns and saw some time as the punter.
  • Cameron Artis-Payne (RB)- The Former 1st-team SEC back from Auburn where in his senior year he ran for 1,608 yards and 13 touchdowns. Cameron was selected in the 5th round by the Panthers (2015)where he spent 4 season seeing limited snaps. Artis-Payne career looked over until the XFL came together.
  • Jeff Badet (WR)- Badet has been flying under the radar since he played at Kentucky and transferred to Oklahoma in Baker Mayfield offense. Badet went undrafted and was signed by the Vikings where he saw limit time and was cut in 2019. Badet was the 4th skilled player taken and will be a star in the XFL.
  • Lance Dunbar (RB)- The North Texas Hall of Fame holding many records including career yards (4,224), career rushing touchdowns (41), and 3 consecutive season of 1,000 yards. The Cowboys signed Dunbar (2012) and he saw limit snaps but played special teams staying on the team for 5 years. Dunbar still has the juice and should help the Renegades run the ball.
Dallas announcing their jerseys for the season (XFL.com)

DC Defenders

  • Coach: Pep Hamilton- Pep has been coaching all over the coaching QB, OC of the Colts/Stanford, passing Coordinator for Michigan and know is gotten a opportunity to be a head coach of a team.
  • Cardale Jones (QB)- The biggest player in the league MR. “Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain’t come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS”, 12-Gauge, Neva lost in college, National Champion. Cardale was part of history at Ohio State where his first start came in the Big Ten Championship after JT Barrett was injured in the game prior. After beating Wisconsin went on to beat Alabama then Oregon to become Champions (2015) and then beat out Barrett and Braxton Miller for the starting job but only for 7 games before being bench. He then declared for the draft and only with 11 starts was drafted in the 4th round by the Chargers and has bounce around practice squads. Jones is the star of the XFL and have shown in so far.
  • Tyree Jackson (QB)- The 6’7 QB product from Buffalo showcased his arm and running ability in college, despite his potential he went undrafted (2019). He was signed by the Bills for training camp but was cut and hopes to do another in the XFL to get another chance in the NFL.
  • Scooby Wright (LB)- Scooby was the PAC-12 defensive player of the year as a sophomore in 2014 and won many awards. He was injured his junior year but still entered the draft being selected in the 7th round by the Browns. From the Browns to the Cardinals to AAF Hotshots to the Pats never making the teams final roster. Scooby hopes to have a bright future in the XFL and return to his college form.
  • Matt Elam (S)- The former Florida Gator, 1st team All-American and 1st round pick by the Ravens thought he had a bright future in the NFL but after a promising rookie season in 2013 Elam struggled. After missing the entire 2015 season with a torn bicep and legal trouble in 2017 he was let go by the Ravens. After a short stint with the Saskatchewan Roughriders Elam landed in the XFL and also hope to return to his Florida Gators days.
  • Donnel Pumphrey (RB)- The D1 all-time rushing leader Pumphrey was a star for San Diego State and was drafted in the 4th round by the Eagles. After a torn hamstring he missed his entire rookie season which the Eagles won the super bowl (2017) so he earned a ring but was waived the next season. Pumphrey didn’t make the Lions team or the Eagles the 2nd team and hope to show he can still be a great back with the Defenders.
  • Rahim Moore (DB)- You may know Moore as the 2nd round pick by the Broncos from UCLA in 2011 or the guy that gave up the Hail Mary against Joe Flacco and the Ravens on their Super Bowl run. After the Broncos run Moore bounce around the league for a while and even played in the AAF before landing in the XFL.
The biggest name in the league with the Defenders (XFL.com)

Houston Roughnecks

  • Coach: June Jones- Jones has been coaching at every level after playing in the NFL and CFL the QB went on the coach at Hawaii (QBs) then coach in the USFL. After that he became the head coach of the Falcons, Hawaii, SMU, and then went down to HS as a AD and OC in St. Louis. Before coming to the XFL Jones was an assistant coach in the CFL, Jones is know for his pass happy offense and rarely having full-contact practices.
  • PJ Walker (QB)- The current MVP of the league has been the the QB out of Temple University (2016) After breaking many schools record Walker went undrafted and has been on and off the Colts practice squad. Walker should catch the eye of some NFL teams looking for a backup QB.
  • Connor Cook (QB)- The former Michigan State Star that won 2 Big Ten Championship has never gotten his chance to shine. After being drafted by the Raiders in the 4th round Cook only start came in the playoffs in 2016 his rookie season. After being on and off some practice squads Cook sign in the XFL and lost the QB battle to Walker.
  • Sammy Coates (WR)- The Auburn Wide out who won a SEC championship and lost in the National Championship (2014) was drafted in the 3rd round by the Steelers. He never could be the guy in Pittsburgh despite Martavis Bryant suspensions and personally injuries. Coates found himself traded to the Browns and then signed by the Texans where he had 1 catch in 12 games. Coates is hopefully to get another shot in the NFL after the XFL season.
  • Cam Phillips (WR)- The Virginia Tech wideout has been the league best wideout this season with back to back weeks with 3 touchdowns. Phillips was signed by the Bills (2018) after being undrafted and was on and off the practice squad. If his play keeps up he will be back in the NFL soon.
  • Andre Williams (RB)- The Boston College product who finish his senior year with 2,117 yards 5th best in a single season and became a Heisman finalist. Williams was drafted in the 4th round by the Giants (2014) and after a decent rookie season his production went down and he was cut after two season. He then spent a year on the Chargers practice squad where he played in the week 17 game before getting cut. Andre hopes to get back to his 2,000 yard form in the XFL.
  • Kony Ealy (DE)- The Missouri pass rusher who had 9.5 sacks, 14.5 TFL, and 3 force fumble Ealy looked to be a 1st round draft pick. Ealy fell into the 2nd round to the Panthers where he became a immediately force finishing the season with a sack in each of the last 3 games. During Carolina Superbowl lost to Denver (2015) Ealy had 3 sacks, an interception, a force fumble in only 23 snaps. After that Ealy production started going down and bounce around the league hoping to become a force in the XFL.
Houston Roughnecks logo (XFL.com)

LA Wildcats

  • Coach: Winston Moss- The Miami linebacker that played 10 years in the NFL and went into coaching in the NFL for 20 years is finally a head coach in the XFL.
  • Josh Johnson (QB)- The NFL journey man that has been sign by 12 NFL teams, UFL team, AAF team gets to add another team to the list with the Wildcats. The QB from University of San Diego was drafted in the 5th round by the Bucs (2008). Johnson played in a game in 2018 for the Redskins when Sanchez got injured and probably his last time in the NFL. Johnson can still throw the ball well and a great QB for the Wildcats.
  • Nick Novak (K)- Novak has been kicking field goals for many teams in the NFL since 2005 with a career 82% rate and 94th on the All-time scoring list. Novak is a big name kicker for the XFL league where they don’t kick extra points.
  • Shawn Oakman (DE)- The internet sensation after a picture of him went viral after the Cotton Bowl. After many believe he was going to be the number 1 pick after his junior year of 25.5 TFL and 11.0 sacks he returned for his senior year and only had 4.5 sacks. Oakman was deemed undraftable after his was arrested for sexual assault (3 years later in 2019 found not guilty). Oakman has bounce around differently leagues and hope to get a shot at the NFL not his legal troubles are over.
  • Dujaun Harris (RB)- Dujaun from Troy has never found his spot in the NFL going from one practice squad to the next, he had 2 touchdowns for the Packers 2012 playoff run but injured his knee and miss all of the 2013 season. Harris looks at the XFL to get some productive carries.
  • Bucky Hodges (TE)- Currently on their IR, The Virginia Tech TE that was drafted in the 6th round by the Vikings (2017) and been on few different practice squads looking for his chance to be the threat he was in college.
XFL LA Wildcats logo (XFL.com)

New York Guardians

  • Coach: Kevin Gilbride- The long time Giants OC where he won 2 Super Bowls started his coaching career at Idaho State University in 1974 and “retired” in 2014. He had a short run as head coach of the Charger in 1997 and 1998 before getting fired going 6-16.
  • Matt McGloin (QB)- McGloin left Penn State as the school record holder for touchdown and 2nd for yards in 2012 with a career efficiency ranking of 130.2. Going undrafted McGloin was signed by the Raiders where he started 6 games throwing 8 touchdowns and 8 picks. With Pryor and Flynn as the other 2 QB the Raiders drafted Carr and McGloin became his backup for 3 years. After a couple other stops McGloin found his way to the XFL.
  • Joe Horn Jr (WR)- Son of 4-time pro bowler Joe Horn, Jr played at Missouri Western State and was cut by the Ravens on the final cut down last season (2019). Joe Horn Jr. hopes to live up to his father name in the XFL this season.
  • Nick Deluca (LB)- Deluca won 4 FCS Championships with the North Dakota State Bison and was first-team All-American as a senior. Deluca was signed by the Titans after going undrafted but was cut in training camp and spent his rookie season on the Jags practice squad (2018). The XFL is the perfect league for Deluca to have a successful career.
  • Luis Perez (QB)- The man that didn’t play football in high school walked on to Southwestern college and eventually became the starter he then transferred to D2 Texas A&M Commerce. There he won the Harlon Hill (Best D2 player) and led the Commerce to an National Championship in 2017 throwing for 5,000 yards with 46 touchdowns. Going undrafted was signed by the Rams and made their practice squad before getting cut, he then played in the AAF before it folded. Few other NFL stops before getting signed to the XFL where he was traded from the Wildcats to the Guardians and now has taken over as QB1.
Guardians uniform for the 2020 season (XFL.com)

Seattle Dragons

  • Coach: Jim Zorn- Zorn was the starting QB for the Seahawks for 8 years. After he retired he got into coaching mostly as a QB coach in the NFL the longest with Seattle for 7 years and was the head coach for the Redskins for 1 year. Zorn last coach for the Chiefs in 2012 as QB coach.
  • Brandon Silvers (QB)– Silvers played college ball at Troy where he had 10,677 passing yards with a 65% completion percentage. Silvers went undrafted and unsigned by the NFL where he then signed to the AAF Memphis Express (2019). After some injuries he split some time with Johnny Manziel where Silvers threw 4 touchdowns and 2 picks in 2 games. Silvers hopes to shine in the XFL.
  • Kenneth Farrow (RB)– Farrow went to Houston University where he had 2,980 rushing yards, 5.6 per carry and 34 rushing touchdowns. After going undrafted Farrow signed with the Chargers (2016) where he started week 15 and 16 with injuries. A shoulder injury put him on the IR eventually getting him cut and signed to the AAF. During week 4 against the 2nd ranked defense Farrow had 142 yards, 4.7 per carry earning him player of the week. Farrow then was signed by the Dolphins before being cut in camp and now with the Dragons hoping to get another chance in the NFL.
  • Kennan Reynolds (WR)– Kennan Reynolds holds the FBS record for rushing yards with 4,559 yards and had 88 rushing yards as the Navy QB his #19 is retired by Navy. Reynolds currently serves in the United States Naval Reserve with the rank of lieutenant junior grade. Reynolds was drafted in the 6th round by the Ravens (2016) and remained on their practice squad. Then went to the Redskins practice squad and then the Seahawks practice squad where he lost the battle to John Ursua. Kennan now is the “swiss army knife” of the dragons and the receiver, returner and emergency returner.
  • Will Sutton (DL)– At Arizona State his junior year in 2012 Sutton had 13 sacks and 23 1/2 TFLs. Sutton became a 3rd round pick for the Bears seeing some time as a rookie. After a few ankle injuries he was cut in 2016 where he signed with the Vikings then the 49ers. Sutton then signed to the AAF Hotshots where he had 15 tackles, 1 sack, and 2 pass knockdowns in 8 games. Now Sutton hopes to be the wall of the Dragons defense.
  • BJ Daniels (QB)– The South Florida star 10,501 total yards and 77 total touchdowns and finished his career second on the all time Big East yardage leaders (despite his senior year getting cut short with injuries). The Dual threat QB was drafted in the 7th round by the 49ers (2013) then went to Seahawks practice squad for a few seasons and even switched to WR. He then went to the Texans where he completed 1 pass for 7 yards. After a couple other stops he signed to the CFL and then the AAF where he was on the IR. Last week Daniels came in the second half and led the Dragons to a win and hopefully to show off his skills in the XFL.
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St. Louis Battlehawks

  • Coach: Jonathan Hayes- The former NFL tight end who had 153 catches and 13 touchdowns got into coaching with Bob Stoops Sooners from 1999-2002 coaching tight ends and special teams. He then was with the Bengals from 2003-2018 as the tight end coach and now is the leader of the battlehawks. His son Jaxson was drafted by the Pelicans with the 8th pick.
  • Jordan Ta’amu (QB)- Ta’amu started at New Mexico Institute then transferred to University of Mississippi. Taking over for Shea Patterson who was injured then transferred to Michigan, Ta’amu senior year in 2018 he had 3,918 passing yards (2nd in SEC behind Tua, 2017), 19 touchdowns, 8 interceptions, 342 rushing yards and 6 rushing touchdowns. Ta’amu was with the Texans during camp but was cut and was the first player with the BattleHawks.
  • Will Hill (S)-The SEC All-Freshman team (2009) Hill played plenty of plays for the Gators National Championship team (2009). After a solid college career Hill went undrafted and signed with the Arizona Rattlers (AFL) team. Then made the Giants active roster but was cut after the season and ended up on the Ravens. On Monday Night football he picked up a blocked kick and returned it for a touchdown to defeat the Browns as time expired. Hill got suspended for a failed drug test and their went his NFL career. Will Hill then went to the CFL then the AAF and now with the XFL.
  • Marquette King (P)- The swaggest punter of All-time King often had on-field celebrations and post punts dances. King played at Fort Valley State where he started out as a wide receiver but after not getting playing time became the team punter. King went undrafted and was signed by the Raiders where he would eventually replaced Shane Lechler. After missing his rookie season being on the IR King beat out Chris Kluwe and went on to led the league in gross yards per punt. The next season he led the league in yardage (2014) and was the Raiders punter for the next 3 years. Then he was cut by the Raiders and signed with the Broncos but after 4 games he got hurt getting him cut and landing in the XFL.
  • Nick Fitzgerald (QB)– The former Mississippi State Bulldog that took over for Dak Prescott where he became the SEC rushing yard leading for QBs and tied school record with 45 rushing touchdowns. Fitzgerald could also throw the ball having 6,055 passing yards and 54 touchdowns. Fitzgerald went undrafted last season and signed to the Bucs practice squad and now with the BattleHawks.
  • Taylor Heinicke (QB)– The Old Dominion legend threw for a FCS record 730 yards in a game and had a career of 14,959 passing yards, and 1,320 rushing yards. Heinicke went undrafted signing with the Vikings in 2015 for a few seasons. Heinicke eventually was signed by the Texans and made his NFL debut that didn’t last long (1 pass attempt) with getting a concussion. Heinicke played with the Panthers where he filled in for Cam Newton until once again Heinicke got hurted and now in the XFL.
  • Matt Jones (RB)– Jones entered the draft after his junior season in 2015 with the Florida Gators where he was drafted in the 3rd round. After a great rookie season Jone was locked in as the starter until he got a knee injury then Robert Kelley and Chris Thompson became productive and Jones was cut after the season. Jones then went to the Colts where he got 5 carries for 14 yards in 5 games before getting cut and again with the Eagles. Jones is the running back with the Battlehawks and ready to carry the load.
  • Christine Michael (RB)– The Big 12 freshman of the year Texas A&M back was a 2nd round pick to the Seahawks in 2013. Michael saw limit time in his first 2 seasons with Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin but won the Super Bowl. He then was traded to the Cowboys where he was cut to make room for Robert Turbin. Michael went back to Seattle and was productive in their playoff run and the next season started 7 games but was cut with Thomas Rawls return and emerging rookie backs. Couple of more stops eventually Michael lands with the Hawks of the XFL the BattleHawks.
Football is back in St. Louis (XFL.com)

Tampa Bay Vipers

  • Coach: Mark Trestman- The kid that grew up in Minnesota played QB for three seasons with the Golden Gophers, and one season at Minnesota State University Moorhead and went to Vikings training camp. He been head coach of the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL and served as the head coach of the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL and Chicago Bears of the NFL. He led the Alouettes to two consecutive Grey Cup championships and was named CFL Coach of the Year in 2009. Trestman been OC of many NFL/CFL teams since he started coaching in 1981.
  • Aaron Murray (QB)– One of college football best All-time the current leader of the SEC passing list (121) and part time commentator for CBS Sports network. Murray threw for 13,166 yards, 158.5 rating and 16 rushing touchdowns. Murray was drafted in the 5th round by the Chiefs (2014) where he was cut then traveled to the Cardinals, Eagles, Rams and then the AAF Legends. Now Murray is assigned to the Tampa Bay Vipers and looks to led them to the playoffs.
  • Quinton Flowers (QB/RB) (requested to be traded)- The guy that took over for BJ Daniels at South Florida and became the AAC player of the year (2016), USF All-Time Rushing Touchdowns Leader, USF All-Time Passing Touchdowns Leader, USF All-Time Touchdowns Leader and many other rewards and records. Flowers went undrafted and signed with the Bengals as a running back where he spent his rookie season on the practice squad. Flowers is now in the XFL and looks to be on a new team that could use his abilities better.
  • Antonio Callaway (WR)– Callaway has always been a superior receiver but off-field issues have been his problem since his Florida Gators career. Callaway missed his whole junior season being suspended for a sexual assault accusation. Callaway decided to enter the draft where the Browns drafted him in the 4th round (2018) and had a solid rookie season starting a few games. Then the start of 2019 he was suspended 4 game due to the substance abuse policy and then was suspended after that for showing up to meeting late and then faced a 10 game suspension when he was released. Callaway currently on the IR for the Vipers with a lower leg injury hoping to get another chance in the NFL.
  • Taylor Cornelius (QB)– The Oklahoma State standout who sat behind Mason Rudolph for two seasons got his chance as a 5th year senior (2018) where he threw for 3,978 yards and 32 touchdowns both ranked top 10 nationally. In his greatest game as a cowboy he came from behind to beat Will Grier number 9 Mountaineers throwing for 338 yards and 5 touchdowns and had 106 yards rushing and 1 rushing touchdown. Cornelius went undrafted and even though he got a offer from the Packers he was cut. Cornelius signed with the Vipers and hope to get to show off his arm like he did his senior year at Oklahoma State.
Aaron Murray the biggest name on the Vipers (XFL.com)

Players to sign

  • Johnny Manziel (QB)- He may be a distraction but he will draw tons of viewers to the league either watching him to see if he fails again or finally have some success in a pro league.
  • Antonio Brown (WR)- Similar to Johnny with the media drama Brown will bring in tons of viewers.
  • PFT Commenter (K)- The Barstool podcaster tried out for the Defenders and despite being perfect from 35 yard out didn’t get sign. A league that doesn’t use a kicker much the name matter for the guy kicking it.
  • Kelvin Benjamin (WR)- The former Florida State star will be a big name for the XFL and with his size should be able to make big plays especially at the goal line.
  • Legarett Blount (RB)- The bulldozer that ran over plenty of guys at Oregon and 6 different NFL teams NFL career looks to be close to the finish season and why not take over in the XFL. 3 time Super Bowl champ can look for one more championship.
  • Trent Richardson (RB)- The former Heisman finalist and 3rd overall pick never became the man for the Colts. After leading the AAF in touchdown he showed he still got in and any team struggling the run the ball in the XFL should sign him.
  • Roberto Aguayo (K)- Another Florida State player a guy that never missed a kick in college will but struggled in the NFL will be a great kicker for the XFL.
  • Zach Mettinberger (QB)- The former LSU QB was drafted by the Titans but never got his chance as QB1 and eventually found himself cut trying to get back in the NFL. He played in the Spring League and was a star in the AAF but was passed over but the XFL and currently back in the Spring League. Still has a big arm and with some injuries should be in the XFL.
  • Blair Walsh (K)- The former Viking never was the same after the “wide left” kick in the playoff and still holds many NFL kicking records.
  • Robert Nkemdiche (DL)- One of the highest recruited players ever out of high school and a great career at Ole Miss Nkemdiche was drafted 29th overall by the Cardinals. After a few season of struggling in the league Robert was cut last season and spent limit time with the Dolphins. Nkemdiche is physically gifted and would be a star in the XFL.
Barstool Sports PFT Commenter should be in the XFL (Youtube.com)

NFL Combine Killers

The NFL combine happened in Indianapolis, Indiana this last weekend showcasing the top prospect for the upcoming 2020 NFL draft. Personally i’m not the biggest fan of the combine during the draft process because it takes away what the guy has shown he can do on the field but seeing what these guy results are impressive. At the combine the events are 40-yard dash, bench press (225xAMAP), Vertical jump, Broad jump, 3-cone drill, shuttle drill and position drills. I will do who killed it at the combine putting up remarkable numbers and helped their draft stock. I wont do losers because these guys still have their pro days and these players are getting a chance at their dream of being in the NFL.

NFL Combine from February 27- March 1 (NFL.com)


  • Oklahoma Jalen Hurts- Jalen proved why he should be a QB at the next level with his 4.59 40 time, with great footwork and polished delivery during his workout proved he is similar to Justin Herbert and Jake Fromm.
  • Utah State Jordan Love- Jordan Love looked like he had the best combine for QBs competing for the 3rd QB taken off the board help having the biggest hands and having a great workout.
  • Hawaii Cole Mcdonald- My QB steal of the Draft is Mcdonald who posted a QB- best 4.58 40 and 36 inch vert showed his athleticism. Throwing for 69 touchdowns the last 2 season he has a big arm but throw his share of interceptions too. He will need a few years before he is ready in the NFL to continue to develop. (Be a great backup for Kirk Cousins, Skol)
  • QB Rankings- Burrow, Tagovailoa, Love, Herbert, Hurt, Easton, Fromm (5.11 40 ouch)
Jordan Love looks to be 3rd QB taken in the draft (Photo by Michael Conroy)


  • Wisconsin Jonathan Taylor- The 6,000 rushing yard and 42 rushing touchdown help made his case as the best back of the draft with his 4.39 40 and 36 inch vert.
  • Florida State Cam Akers- The 2-time 1,000 yard rusher stood out with his 4.47 40 weighing in at 217 and 20 bench reps will be a back drafted early in April.
  • Missouri TE Albert Okwuegbunam- 6’5 255 ran a 4.49 4th fastest time for a TE since 2003, in a weak TE class Albert 40 should help him be the 1st one drafted.
  • Notre Dame TE Cole Kmet- Cole ran a 4.7 40 and a 37 inch vert showcasing his athleticism. Kmet should be one of the 1st TE taken in a weak class.
Jonathan Taylor had a impressive week (Photo by Charlie Neibergall)


  • Notre Dame Chase Claypool- 6’4 238 ran a 4.42 40, 19 on the bench, and a 40 inch vert, Chase as a TE/WR should create mismatches and help him in a deep WR class. The only other 6’4 230 lbs WR to have under a 4.45 40 is Calvin Megatron Johnson.
  • Alabama Henry Ruggs- fastest 40 of the week with a 4.28, the man can fly and hope to have a career like Tyreek Hill and not like John Ross.
  • Alabama Jerry Jeudy- 40 time of 4.45 beat out Oklahoma CeeDee Lamb 4.50 which help his case of being 1st WR taken.
  • LSU Justin Jefferson- The 6’1 202 lbs national champion ran a 4.43 and with a fantastic season should be gone in the late 1st round.
  • Boise State John Hightower- A great Combine for Hightower with a 4.43 40, 1.49 10-yard split, and a 38.5-inch vertical will help Hightower be a Day 2 steal in a deep WR class. Look for Hightower and Minnesota Tyler Johnson to highlights Day 2 WRs.
Henry Ruggs 4.28 40 time (Youtube.com)


  • Louisville Mekhi Becton– 6’7 364 lbs lineman that ran a 5.10 40 and revealed he only had 17% body fat will make him a top 10 draft pick.
  • Iowa Tristan Wirfs- The Iowa pipeline continue with Wirfs the 6’5 322 lbs man that ran a 4.85 40, 36.5 inch vert, and 24 bench reps will be another 1st round lineman from the Hawkeyes.
  • North Carolina Charlie Heck- 6’8 311 lbs lineman that ran a 5.16 40 and bench 21 reps with his dad the OL coach of the Chiefs make him a valuable pick.
  • Boise State Ezra Cleveland- The 6’6 310 lbs tackled had himself a day with a combine best for OL 3-cone drill (7.26) and shuttle (4.46). This big man can move from side to side and has put the league on notice.
Mekhi Becton numbers look made up (Photo by Brian Spurlock)


  • NC State James Smith-Williams- With a 40 time at 4.6 faster then Myles Garrett and Nick Bosa and a 4.52 shuttle time Smith-Williams help him sky rocket up draft boards despite only 8 sacks in college.
  • Florida Jabari Zuniga- The Gator pass rusher at 6’3 264 lbs ran a 4.64 40, 29 bench reps, and a 33 inch vert prove he can is a freak and will be able to get after the QB in the NFL.
  • Oklahoma Neville Gallimore- The Nose tackle came in 15 lbs heavy then his 284 listed on the roster but still should that he could move with his 4.79 40 and having great flexibility during the drills.
  • Nebraska Khalil Davis- This Cornhusker can move at 308 ran a 4.75 (fastest among DT) and pretty strong with 32 bench reps (2nd best) will be a late draft steal despite him being 6’1 with short arms. (Should be high on the Vikings board, Skol)
James Smith-Williams draft stock raised after the weekend (Photo by NFL.com)


  • Clemson Isaiah Simmons– The top linebacker in the draft prove why he was so dominant at Clemson at 6’4 238 lbs running a 4.39 40, 39 inch vert, and a 11 foot broad jump showcases his athleticism.
  • Michigan Khaleke Hudson- Hudson had a great combine that took a backseat to Simmons but still showed his athleticism and the ability to play all over the field. Hudson had 30 bench reps, 4.57 40, 33 inch vert, and a 10 foot broad jump, the next hybrid from Michigan defense is ready for the league.
  • Mississippi State Willie Gay Jr- Plenty of film will be watch on Gay after a great weekend with a 4.46 40, 39.5” vertical jump, and a 11’4” broad. The SEC linebacker will be a great pick on Day 2 of the draft.
Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons runs the 40-yard dash (Photo by Michael Conroy)


  • Ohio State Jeff Okudah- Okudah locked in being the 1st DB drafted with a great combine with 11’3” broad, 41” vertical jump (best among corners), and a 4.48 40.
  • Florida CJ Henderson- Henderson will help florida chase for DBU with his 4.39 40 time should be the 2nd DB taken.
  • Minnesota Antoine Winfield Jr- The son of Vikings DB Antoine Winfield had a great weekend with a 4.46 40 will have him selected in the first 2 rounds. (He would looked good in Purple & Gold, Skol).
  • Utah Javelin K. Guidry– Just the 7th DB to have under a 4.3 40 Javelin 4.29 and 21 bench reps (most by anyone with under 4.3 40) will move him up draft boards and look like Day 2 steal.
  • Southern Illinois Jeremy Chinn- 220 lbs Chinn had a 11’6” broad, 41’ vert, and a 4.46 40 helps this small school kid fly up draft boards as he looks to be a late steal of the draft.
Jeff Okudah likely 1st DB taken (Photo by CBSsports.com)


  • Arizona State Michael Turk– Yes, a punter made his way onto the list with a impressive 25 bench reps more then Gronk and Clowney had at the combine also he ran a 4.7 40 at 230 lbs and set a punter record with a 34.5 inch vert. Turk proved he not just an punter but a athlete and whatever team he lands on may have some trick plays in their back pocket.
  • Florida Tommy Townsend- Following his brother Johnny footsteps at Florida Tommy looks ready for the draft and had a seller 4.70 40 time.
Michael Turk showing up for punters everywhere (Photo by NFL.com)

Professional All-Star Games

Professional sports league have All-star games and events to showcase their best players. In some leagues the events are more popular than the game itself; Home-run Derby, and the Dunk Contest. The All-star game is often in the middle of the season (except for the NFL) and often players don’t go 100% for fear of injury. In some cases, the best players that season don’t make the game or the All-star game isn’t worth watching. I know there will always be snubs but when a player is having a historical season, statically speaking and he’s not an All-star something needs to change (Devin Booker). I will be taking a look at how each of the 4 major professional sports and how they select “All-stars”. I will also make my suggestions on how each of them can change for the better.


Starting with the selection process in the National Basketball Association where the player with the most votes from fans, players, and media is the team captain. They use the votes to name for 4 other starters and then head coaches choose the reserves, seven players from their respective conferences, so each side has a 12-man roster. Coaches are not allowed to vote for their own players. Then the Captains go on and draft there team with the players that have been selected. During All-star weekend they have a rising star game (rookies/sophomores, World vs USA), Celebrity game, 3-point contest, skills challenge, and then the Dunk contest. As they have made changes for those events over the year and I wouldn’t change any of it except for the judging. One year they tried to make the Saturday night a West vs East event and was not a fan favorite. This year with a tribute to Kobe they change the format of the game where they reset the score each quarter and the winner of those 3 quarters will get a 24 point boost. This will make the game more competitive instead of guys just throwing up shots and its all for charity. My first change to the Game would be the selection process, guys like Devin Booker who is currently averaging 26.8 ppg, 6.3 apg should make the game over Chris Paul who averaging 17.3 ppg and 6.6 apg. Bam Adebayo is in the All-Star game averaging 15.8 ppg while Karl Anthony Towns isn’t averaging 26.9 ppg, 10.8 rpg, and while Towns player efficiently rating (Per) is 27.36 compared to Bam 20.59. Teams record plays a factor too much in the selection process instead of a player stats. To fix this I would first get rid of the conferences and have it be the top 24 players. The process would be the same but when coaches go to vote they don’t see the players name just their stats with their PER and value-added (VA). This will eliminate bias for veterans players or stars that are having a down year. This will also improve small markets by allowing players from Minnesota or Phoenix to make it will allow fans to be more invested in the game and as while the players would be more willing to stay on those teams instead of leaving to get more recognition. When the process gets fix so guys like Booker and Towns will make the game since they should get in over some of the players that were selected and then the NBA All-star weekend will continue to be the best of all the sports (Booker made it because of Lillard injury but should have been in the 1st time).

Promo for 2020 NBA All-star weekend (Photo by NBA.com)


The NFL has a similar selection process as the NBA but it is even worse. The coaches, players, and fans each get 1/3 of the votes. This causes a similar problem as the NBA as in small-market teams gets overlooked by Dallas and New York. As well as players have admitted for voting for old friends or veterans players that play may be declining so other players don’t get in. As well as players that are injured or in the Super Bowl don’t play in the game so many players are named to the “Pro Bowl”. From 2014-2016 they changed the game to a draft the players by team captains instead of the AFC-NFC matchup but fans complained about it so now they changed it back to conferences games. The Pro Bowl Skills Challenge includes Threading the Needle, Gridiron Gauntlet, Best Hands, Precision Passing, and a Dodgeball game. The Pro Bowl has many different rules than a normal NFL game to prevent players’ injuries and players often don’t play at full speed. Despite getting paid to play in the game the amount is less than 1% of their salary so some of the best players still sit out of the game, as well as teams have declined after losing the conference championships like the 2015 Patriots with 7 starters. The game is looked at as a joke with TV rating on a downward trend and naming almost everyone to the game in 2016 133 players were named even though only 88 play in the game. In 2016 rookie QB Jameis Winston played in the game over Tom Brady and Carson Palmer, as well as some of the best players of all-time like Fred Taylor who is 15th all-time in rushing while averaging 4.6 yards a carry in his career was only selected to 1 Pro Bowl. First I would recommend changing the selection process I understand that fan favorites are imported but most of the time they will still get in because they are the best in the league. To make sure the Pro Bowl features the best players I would get rid of the current voting process and use the Pro football focus (PFF) rating where they don’t just look at stats but it give you the most comprehensive analysis of player performance anywhere. Using that then allow fans to vote for the top players at each position so 6 QBs get selected to the pro bowl allow fans to vote from the top 10 PFF QBs. That will eliminate situations like in 2017 when Harrison Smith had the highest PFF grade ever and was not selected to the Pro Bowl but was a first-team all-pro. My second suggestion is to just get rid of the game completely since players don’t try and don’t matter who gets named to the game. I suggest changing it to a bunch of events like the skills challenge and have guys compete in events they do at the combine like who would want to miss Tyreek Hill against John Ross. They can make it like NBA All-star weekend with the dunk contest and 3 points but with the 40-yard dash, bench and vertical have the best against the best. For Sunday to replace the game I would add 7 on 7 AFC-NFC and have the lineman do 1 on 1 pass rush. As while having a mini-golf tournament, volleyball game, basketball game, Wiffle ball game, and anything that can showcase these players’ athleticism. Who would miss Dontari Poe trying to hit dingers or George Kittle spiking a volleyball. By getting rid of the game and adding these events would increase players’ willingness to go to the events and compete to be the best. Have AFC-NFC teams compete against each other and winning events go to their overall score and that how the winners get decided. The Pro Bowl has been losing viewers over the year and is barely a game still so why not just change the whole Pro Bowl weekend completely by showcases these athletes playing other sports or completing at events.

Promo for 2020 Pro Bowl (Photo by Sportingnews.com)


The mid-summer classic brings some of baseball best together to play America’s past time game. The selection process is also not the best in the MLB, the fans vote for the starters and this has been criticized since teams with large/passionate fan bases like the Kansas City Royals who had every starter voted in 2015. Then the players vote for 16 players (8 pitchers) to help fill the roster and then the managers of each division select 8 AL/9 NL players and ensure every team has at least one player. Then the fans vote for the final player from a list of 5 players and the replacement is decided by the manager for players that are injured or decline to participate. Just like the other league fans are biased toward their favorite players like last season Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge finish 2nd in the fan vote and Twins outfielder Max Kelper didn’t finish top 5. Now, look at the stats of these two players. Judge at the break had 32 hits and 9 home runs while Kepler had 85 hits and 21 home runs. Since the All-star game has such an impact on players getting into the Hall of Fame it is important to ensure the players that deserve to go each year make the game. My suggestion to get this fix would be to either have the managers and players for top 50 players then let the fans vote for the 34 guys or to have an All-star stat that uses all a player stats for the season and the players with the highest are the ones that can be voted for. During the All-star break, they have the home-run derby, Future game, legends, and Celebrity Softball game and since 2002 the ESPY awards have been on the Wednesday following the game since no leagues have games that day. The home-run derby has change to a bracket in 2014 and the most exciting event in the summer. Vlad Guerrero and Pete Alsonso put on a show last year in the derby breaking many records. The game itself has a few issues as well with games likely ending in a tie or rain delay or the game taking to long. My suggestion to fix each of these things is simple for it to not end in a tie when they play extra innings to start with 1 out and a runner on second which works for many youth leagues and will work even in the MLB. You can’t control the weather and fans don’t want to wait for the weather to clear up so games are only played in retractable roofs or domes. I know adding a retractable roof can be spending but its the best solution and all the money you bring in hosting the game they can afford to add a roof before it. Lastly to make sure the game doesn’t take too long they can shorten the game to 7 innings instead of 9 it will keep the players healthy and allow everyone to play in the game. The All-star game used to be played for home-field advantage for the World series but that change due to team records should be the reason, not an All-star game. The Mid-Summer Classic is the only major sport event in the summer and needs to make small changes to ensure people will watch this great game.

In August I wrote a letter to the MLB of some of there issues they need to fix to help attendance and the All-stat game was one of the issues. https://chompsports.sport.blog/2019/08/09/dear-mlb/

2018 MLB All-star game (Photo by MLB.com)


In 2016 NHL decided to make some major changes to its All-star game and the selection process they use. NHL decided instead of 2 All-star teams to go to 4 teams using each division. The selection process has a fan vote for the captains then hockey management picks the rest of the rosters then the fans vote for the last in player of each division. This is the best selection process of all the major sports since it includes the fans and also ensures the best players get selected. During the break the NHL has a skill competition which includes the fastest skater, save streak, accuracy shooting, hardest shot, shooting stars, and they have an elite Women 3 on 3 game (USA vs. Canada). The NHL game itself is also different than the other leagues because it’s not a full-on game but a bracket challenge. They play 3 games each a period long while they play 3 on 3 and the winner of the first two periods play the third period to declare the winner. The shorter period makes viewers engaged more and it is 3 on 3 instead of 5 on 5 more scoring opportunity which is what viewers want. NHL, in my opinion, has the best selection process, events and the All-star game itself. NHL found the perfect option in 2016 for what they should do for the selection process and All-star game and the other 3 major sports league needs to follow. The NHL All-Star game is unique and different than any other NHL game which is okay since it gives fans what they want.

Captains for each All-star team (Photo by NHL.com)

Should the CFB Playoff Expand

The college football playoffs is an annual post-season tournament that determines the NCAA National Championship. There is a 13 member committee that decides on what teams make the playoffs. In 2013 the NCAA decided to expand to a 4-team playoff instead of the top 2 teams just playing for the Championship. Based on each team’s resume, the committee makes its ranking late into the season. Since it has started, we have seen at least 1 Power 5 team (4 of 6 years 2 teams) left out of the playoffs. We have also seen two 4 seeds win the National Championship and a 12-0 team left out of the playoffs. The biggest debate in college football currently is if they should expand it again for an 8 team playoff.

College Football Playoff Logo

Arguments for expansion

  • CASH $$$
  • Bias Committee for highly Televised teams (Bama, OU, Clemson)
  • Each Power 5 Champ has a spot
  • FCS, Divison 2, Divison 3 has a football playoff
  • Every other sport has a playoff
  • Get better non-conference games
  • Make Conference Championship games that much more important
  • Eliminate the undefeated Group of 5 team (2017 UCF)
  • Campus playoffs games (1st round at higher rank)
  • More high level football
  • Everyone loves playoffs (1st playoffs the semis had most views ever, then beat for the Championship)
  • More people will be happy because their will be more good football games
2017 8-team playoff bracket (Photo by Espn.com)

Arguments to leave it

  • 2 or more lost team has a chance to be the Champion
  • Teams could play for a third time
  • Focus would be at the 8 spot instead of the top
  • The players could play up to 16 games with this format
  • More games like LSU and Oklahoma (Blowouts)
  • If you aren’t talked about for the playoffs then its your program fault
  • Already expanded from 2 to 4, when does it end
  • Last spot will always be controversial
  • Expansions still favor Powerhouses
  • Less meaningful regular season
2019 Playoff bracket (Photo by Espn.com)

How an 8-team playoff would work

  • The Champions of the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12, and SEC receive an automatic bid
  • The highest-ranked “Group of 5” Champion receives another automatic bid
  • The last 2 at-large spots will go to the two highest-ranked teams not already qualified

My Opinion

I think the playoffs should expand to 8 and stay there. I understand that their will always be a debate for the last spot but this will leave it to less of an argument of deserving teams. There are many more pros than cons for the playoffs and the biggest one is it will bring in more money. Where people believe these athletes should be getting paid even though most programs are losing money, but 1 more game where the higher rank team gets a home playoff game will help every conference including the Group of 5 teams that makes it. I also understand that this will put a toll on the players playing up to 16 games and for the potential blowouts between the 1 and 8 teams. Most of these players don’t make it to the NFL or play football after college so I believe they won’t be upset to play another game for a potential championship and will eliminate top players sitting out of these games. 16 games for a Power 5 team will be just fine with the facilities they have. North Dakota State played 16 games this year (FCS Champ) and North Central (D3) played 15 games but, you wanna tell me a player at Clemson where they have a barbershop, slide, mini-golf course can’t recover in time for a playoff game. When the Power 5 coaches voted about the playoffs 53% said to expand, probably Pac-12 said yes and Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, and Lincoln Riley said no. No one cares more about the players than their coaches and they understand how much it will benefit them. An expansion to the playoffs will make teams build up their non-conference to help their resume and conference championships will be more meaningful since the winners could see a home playoff game. If a 3-loss team wins the conference or gets an automatic bid and then beats two highly rank teams in the playoffs don’t they deserve to be champs. Also, a Group of 5 team that is undefeated or have 1 loss should have a chance for the title. You might think they don’t have a chance but the 2017 UCF team beat Auburn who beat Alabama who won the title game that year. In sports, you never know what will happen and that’s why playoffs are the best for every sport. Why don’t we let the teams decide on who is the best team each year instead of a committee of 13 people picking who they think are the best 4 teams based on a resume. An 8 team playoff will eliminate any bias the committee has toward the highly televised teams and even though people will always be upset about the last spot, they will be happy about more football. At the end of the day, everyone should want them to expand the playoffs to 8 it gives every Power 5 team a shot, a Group of 5 teams a chance, brings in more money for these programs, less debate/bias, and better non-conference games to build resumes.

2020 Championship in New Orleans (Photo by NewOrleans.com)

Top 10 WWE Finishers

Every World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler has their own finisher move that most often ends the match with a WOW factor. Wrestlers are known for there finisher move and few of them even have their name in them. Looking at each wrestler on the current roster I put together a list of the Top 10 current finishers. Many factors were in place in these rankings, which include the hype for the move, difficulty of the move and style points.

WWE Logo (Photo by WWE.com)

#10 Caterpillar Elbow Drop- OTIS

I know this finisher isn’t as popular as the others on this list but its a personnel favorite. When Otis’s opponent is on the ground and Otis looks around everyone knows what’s coming. Otis a 330 lbs man doing the worm is pretty awesome to see and then an elbow drop onto the opponent. I don’t know many guys over 250 lbs that can do the worm so that alone allows it to land on this list. He also gets style points for the hyping up the move before he does it.

Otis Finisher on Smackdown 2/4/2019 (Youtube.com)

#9 Skull Crushing Finale- MIZ

The Miz skull crushing finale sure ends any match as he slams his opponent face into the mat. A move that can work outside of the WWE ring as you make your opponent trip over you and slam their head into the ground. The Miz is great at promos and hosting Miz TV but can sure end a match with his top 10 finishers.

Miz top Skull Crushing Finale (Youtube.com)

#8 Curb Stomp- Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins Curb Stomp is a finisher he can keep doing as many times as he wants. As he stands ringside and as his opponents on the ground getting up. He stomps on the opponent’s head or back and slams them back into the ground. Rollins also hypes up his move as he stomps in the corner to “burn it down” and ends his opponent. Rollins stomp is a top 10 finisher as he loves to use it to end matches.

A top 10 video of Rollins Curb Stomp (Youtube.com)

#7 Sister Abigail – Bray Watt “the Fiend”

Bray Watt Sister Abigail is a homage to who looked after Bray and help him get to where he is today. He takes his opponent in his arm and then kisses them on the forehead and slams them into the ground sending them to the underground. Like many finishers, it ends the match and the opponent is out on the ground. This is a top move because you know when you are in that position you are in trouble and the end is near.

Bray Watt sister Abigail finale (Youtube.com)

#6 Phenomenal Forearm – AJ Styles

AJ styles the phenomenal one as he presents himself as loves to do his phenomenal forearm finisher. This move is pretty difficult as he stands outside of the ring he jumps onto the top rope and then launches himself into the opponent striking them with his forearm. This is a top finisher since not everyone is capable of doing it and it goes with his WWE character.

AJ Styles best Forearms (Youtube.com)

#5 619- Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio being smaller then most wrestlers had to have a finisher with style and flying around. The 619 pays homage to Rey hometown he gets his opponents stuck on the second rope and then swings around and kicks them in the face. Most often he jumps back in over the rope and pins the opponent to win. Rey has been a long time fan favorite and this finisher is one reason why.

Top 10 of Rey Mysterio 619 finisher (Youtube.com)

#4 F-5 – Brock Lesner

The former Wrestler and football player Brock Lesner has plenty of muscle to throw people around. Brock F-5 he picks his opponent up and puts them over his shoulder and then throws them sideways making them land on their face. Brock has done this move multiple times to enforce his power over others. Brock can do this move at any time and it can sure do damage to his opponents.

Brock top 10 F5 (Youtube.com)

#3 Trouble in Paradise – Kofi

Kofi Kingston is known for his high flying athleticism in the ring and his finisher Trouble in Paradise showcase it. He can either clap to hype it up or can pull it out of nowhere as he does as 360 flips kicking his opponent in the face. This landed high on the list for the eliminate of surprise and the difficulty of landing the kick to the opponent.

Compilation of some of Kofi best finisher (Youtube.com)

#2 Spear – Roman Reign

I know many wrestlers have had this finisher and its not very creative its still one of the best in the world. Roman does a great job hyping it up and just launching himself into his opponent tackling them. He can take down any opponent with this move and tackling them into any object. The best is when he does it as a reversal and just ends the match. It probably the football player in me but this is 2nd best move in WWE at the moment.

Top 10 of Roman Reigns finisher the Spear (Youtube.com)

#1 RKO – Randy Orton

The best finisher is easily Randy Orton RKO the 3 most devastating letters in all of sports. The Viper can strike at any time by jumping toward you and striking your head to the ground. The RKO has it all whether the viper sitting there ready to strike or striking the opponent out of nowhere gets every fan excited. The RKO is Randy Keith Orton initials meaning no one can copy this move and will go down as an all-time best.

Randy Orton’s best RKOs (Youtube.com)

PJ Fleck Statue

PJ Fleck is only in his third season leading the Golden Gophers and has already done things that the program hasn’t done in over 100 years. PJ Fleck has changed the program and it’s time to start planning for his Statue in Minneapolis. I will layout all that Fleck has done already and why the success will continue within Fleck’s coaching tenure in Minnesota. Minnesota hired PJ Fleck after he was at Western Michigan where he had 4 straight years of the highest-ranked recruiting class in the MAC. Fleck first season at WMU they went 1-11 but since then they made 3 consecutive bowl games (winning first one in school history) and his last season made the Cotton Bowl (highest ranked “Group of 5” team) which was the biggest game in school history losing 24-16 to Wisconsin. Fleck’s third and final season at WMU finish the regular season undefeated and was ranked for the first time in school history up to 12 at on point. Then he was hired at the University of Minnesota to take over for the Golden Gophers after a 9 win season that saw the players boycott with 10 players being suspended for allegations toward sexual assault. It was a tough time for the Minnesota athletic department and AD Mark Coyle to understand they needed a change as the Head Coach for the Gophers.

PJ Fleck before he leads the Gophers out (Photo by FootballScoop.com)

Fleck’s first year was a struggle like at WMU the Gophers went 5-7 (2-7 in conference) missing a bowl game and many looked at that as a step back from the 9-win team. Fleck had a plan to change the culture and make the program the way he wanted it to be. With that many current players transferred and in Fleck’s second season he had the youngest team in FBS. After a bad 55-31 loss to Illinois, many people believed Fleck was on the “Hot” seat and that the Golden Gophers made a big mistake hiring Fleck. To finish up the season the Gophers went 3-1 and beat the Wisconsin Badgers for the first time since 2003 and earned themselves a bowl game. In the Bowl game, the Gophers made a statement win beating Georgia Tech 34-10 and Fleck young team return for the 2019 season. In Fleck’s third season the Gophers started 9-0 for the first time since 1904 and during that span, they beat #4 ranked Penn State which was the Gopher’s first home win against a top-5 time since 1977. Gophers lost a tough game in Iowa where everyone has a hard time playing and after having ESPN College Gameday at the school for the first time (Fleck did the same at WMU) Gophers lost to the Badgers. Fleck won the coaches Big Ten Coach of the Year award (media selected Ohio State Ryan Day the defending Big Ten champs) and the Gophers 10 wins regular-season which is their first double-digit wins since 1904. In the Outback Bowl where the Gophers played Auburn and everyone believes Auburn would win. The Gophers won 31-24 and dominated Auburn offense and ran all over their defense giving them 11 wins most since 1904. Not only did Fleck led the Gophers to their best season in over 100 years he been bringing in the best-recruiting classes in recent years and as well as having Gophers football fans believing for the future. Fleck has the culture he wants here in Minnesota and with his 7-year extension for $33.25 million he’s not going anywhere soon. Fleck is taking over this Big 10 programs and is ready to compete with the Wisconsin, Penn State, and Ohio State in the conference. What Fleck done in his little time in the program has been remarkable and the Gophers will have success like they never have had before. When Fleck time is up with the Gophers a statue will be up in his honor for changing the program and should never be forgotten in Gopher football history.


Fleck brings energy to the Gophers (Photo by FootballScoop.com)

Top 10 NBA Bust

A bust is a player who was drafted early in the draft and failed to meet expectations. Every season players don’t live up to their hype and disappear from the league. Looking at every draft from the 2000s I picked my Top 5 NBA Bust. I looked at what they did in college compared to the pros, who was drafted after them, and why they couldn’t figure it out in the NBA. I left some guys off that didn’t live up to the hype but had a productive years (Micheal Beasley) or found they way on a roster for a long career (Kwame Brown, Evan Turner). I added two Honorable mentions that are still young in their career but in a few years could easily find themselves on this list.

HM: Markelle Fultz, Josh Jackson

These 2 careers just started but not the way anyone expected. Josh Jackson started out averaging 13.1 ppg his rookie season and was named All-NBA Second-team. After trying to fill in for injured Devin Booker, Jackson found himself on the bench. Jackson then got traded and now in the G-League for the Grizzlies. Fultz was the number 1 pick after scoring 23 ppg game at Washington. Battling a shoulder injury and having trouble shooting the ball, Fultz only averaged 7 ppg his two seasons in Philly in limit action was traded to Orlando. Fultz was “suppose” to be the last piece of Philly puzzle with Embiid and Simmons. Fultz has quietly made a comeback in Orlando averaging 11.7 ppg and 4.1 assists in 22 starts. Both of these guys are still young and have a chance to change what people think of them, but for now, they are on the honorable mention list and slip in the top 10 soon.

10. Wesley Johnson

The first of the Timberwolves draftees on this list is Wesley Johnson the 4th pick in 2010. After two years at Iowa State Johnson transferred to Syracuse and their average 16.5 ppg, 8.5 rpg, and 2.2 apg. This draft class had Cousins (5), Hayward (9), George (10), and like you will see with the rest of the guys on the list who is drafted after you have an impact on your career. Johnson’s career has not been all bad but not many highs for him, averaging between 2 to 9.9 ppg and has started 334 of his 609 games in his career. I put Wesley on this list because somehow the Wolves thought he was going to better than Cousins or George. Wesley was supposed to be a top scorer in the league and as he bounced from Minnesota to the suns and stops for both teams in LA and now with the Wizards has never been able to take over the game. Wesley has a decent career to date but still managed to land at 10 on this list.

Wesley Johnson with the Wolves (Photo by Timberwovles.com)

9. Derrick Williams

The second Timberwolves on this list and drafted the year after Johnson is number 2 pick in 2011, Derrick Williams. After scoring 19.5 ppg, 8.3 rpg at Arizona Derrick was supposed to be the future of the Wolves with Kevin Love. Drafted after Kyrie and before Enes Kanter, Tristan Thompson, Derrick is the only one not in the NBA today. Derrick started 56 games his second season averaging 12.0 ppg. Unforentuly for Derrick that was his best season and was traded to the Kings in the middle of the next season for Luc Mbah A Moute. Then 4 more stops in 4 years Williams now playing overseas averaging 13.4 ppg. Derrick Williams stayed in the NBA long enough to be 9 on this list but being drafted with the second pick he didn’t live up to the exception.

Former Number 2 pick Williams (Photo by Jean Pieri)

8. Jimmer Fredette

After scoring 28.3 ppg, 4.3 apg, and taking over the college basketball world his senior year Jimmer was drafted 10th by the Kings. His Jimmer Range from college didn’t transfer to the NBA and only starting 7 games Jimmer average 7 ppg his rookie season. Sadly that was Jimmer’s best year and going from bench to bench for a few years he found himself in China. In China, Jimmer has become the star he was in college and even found himself back in the NBA last season for the Suns. Jimmer’s college career and oversea career have been one to remember but his struggle in the NBA and being drafted above Klay Thompson who a similar player helped jimmer land on this list.

China Star Jimmer Fredette (Photo by NBCSports.com)

7. Johnny Flynn

It’s not great when you type in the player on google and Johnny Flynn the musician comes up before the one that played in the NBA. Also when you are a point guard drafted before Steph Curry and you are out of the league in 4 years. The Timberwolves drafted Ricky Rubio 5 who was overseas for a couple of seasons and then Flynn 6 before Curry in 2009. Curry won back to back MVP, while Flynn only has started 10 games since his rookie season and average 4 ppg since his rookie season. Flynn averaged 17.4 ppg, 6.7 apg at Syracuse and for the Wolves started every game as a rookie averaging 13.5 ppg. Flynn will always be remembered as the guy that was drafted ahead of Curry and is the last of the 3 Wolves on this list.

The Famous Guards drafted before Curry (Photo by Yahoosports.com)

6. Dragan Bender

Suppose to be the next Kristaps Porzingis the Suns drafted Dragan Bender the European star 4th overall in 2016 (Jackson was picked 4th in 2017). The 2016 draft with Simmons, Ingram, Brown, and Murray (7) has seen many misses in the NBA. Bender takes the crown for the biggest bust on this list. In 3 season with the Suns Bender averaged 5.3 ppg, 3.7 rpg and starting in 64 of the 174 games. Suns have given up on Bender and traded him to the Bucks where he playing the G-League. Suns aren’t the first time to fall for the next European on this list. Bender still has time to turn it around but the Suns and I already have given up on him as he can’t produce on a rebuilding team.

The next great European Bender (Photo by Christian Petersen)

5. Greg Oden

The most notable bust on this list is Greg Oden the former number 1 pick. Only playing in 105 games as a pro and Kevin Durant, Al Horford being drafted after him he still only at 5 on my list. Heres why it’s not because Oden couldn’t dominate because he did average 8.9 and 11.1 ppg in his 82 games he played his first two seasons. Oden also collected 8.5 rpg and 2.3 bpg in his second season. Oden missed time as a pro because of knee issues and not being healthy. You can blame it on his weight gained reported by the trainer or whatever you want but without the injuries Oden would have been dominating the NBA. I put him 5 because the dude played in 105 games and was bad with he tried to make a comeback in Miami 4 years after last seeing the court. He was productive his first two season on the floor as while as his year in the CBA averaging 13.1 ppg and was decent in the Big 3 league last season. Oden will always be looked at as a bust but for me he’s not the biggest one out there and wish he would have stayed healthy.

Greg Oden on the Portland Trailblazers (Photo by Grantland.com)

4. Adam Morrison

During Morrison Junior season at Gonzaga, he averaged 28.1 ppg while shooting 43% from 3s and was named the Co-player of the year with J.J. Reddick. The Great Micheal Jordan drafted Morrison to the Bobcats with the 3rd pick in a very underperforming draft class. Like the Bobcats, Morrison didn’t last very long in the NBA. Morrison averaged 11.1 ppg his rookie season but was benched for his lack of defense and scoring the ball 37%. Morrison missed the next season due to a torn ACL and then never found a role in his next few seasons. He did win 2 Championships with the Lakers playing very limited time and then played a couple of seasons overseas. Morrison is currently an assistant coach back at his high school after being a grad assistant at Gonzaga. Morrison made it in the top 5 on this list similar to Jimmer who took over in college never panned out in the NBA and being the 3rd pick has higher expectations. Morrison Gonzaga’s career will always be one to remember but his NBA career is one to forget.

Bobcats Adam Morrison (Photo by Bill Frakes/SI)

3. Darko Milicic

The 2003 top 5 draft picks were Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and Darko Milicic picked 2nd. The first 4 guys all made NBA All-star teams and will likely be Hall of Famers. The Piston with the 2nd pick took the “next” Dirk Nowitzki and like the Suns, with Bender, he didn’t turn out to be the next European star. In Darko rookie season he only played in 31 games and averaged 1.4 ppg but the Pistons did win the Championship that season. Darko averaged 6 ppg in his career and eventually turned into a quality role player. Darko had his best seasons in Minnesota averaging 7.7 ppg, 4.8 rpg, and started 110 of 122 games. Darko career then ended in 2012 after 1 game in Boston and he then started a kickboxing career as while as farming back in Serbia. Darko managed to have a 12-year career but landed highly on this list due to being drafted ahead of Carmelo, Wade, and Bosh who had significantly better careers. Darko being apart of this draft class help him land higher on the list then he expected.

Darko with the Pistons (Photo by Getty Images)

2. Hasheem Thabeet

In the same draft as the Flynn before Curry, we had the Grizzlies take 7’3 Hasheem Thabeet before James Harden. Hasheem junior season at UCONN he averaged 13.6 ppg, 10.8 rpg, 4.2 bpg, had a triple-double with 15 points, 11 rebounds, 10 blocks and was the Big East Defensive Player of the Year. Despite his height and size, he struggled in the NBA with only averaging 2.2 ppg, 2.7 rpg, and 0.8 bpg. He saw limited time in his 7 years and never found a role with a career 20 starts in 224 games. We have seen many centers that stick around in the NBA for there defensive and rebounding skills like Hassan Whiteside, and Rudy Gobert. Hasheem is currently in the NBA G-league and is known for being an NBA Bust. Hasheem finished 2nd on my list based on his size and being drafted ahead of MVP Harden who is currently averaging 38.7 ppg. Thabeet should have at least be in the NBA as a role player being 7’3 but struggled with that as well.

Grizzlies future hope Thabeet (Photo by Joe Murphy)

1. Anthony Bennett

The biggest bust of all-time is easily Anthony Bennett the number 1 pick in 2013 by the Cleveland Cavs. A very weak draft class but did include Oladipo (2), McCollum (10), Micheal Carter-Williams (ROY 11), Steven Adams (12), Giannis (15), and Gobert (27). Bennett being drafted number 1 came as a surprise to many scouts, at UNLV he averaged 16.1 ppg, 8.1 rpg, 38% from 3s, 54$ from the field, and he did all that in limited time due to a shoulder injury he averaged 21.7 minutes a game. It is hard to argue that anyone else had a worse career then Bennett in 4 shorts years in the NBA he saw 151 games (starting 4) while averaging 4.4 ppg, 3.1 rpg, shot 26% from 3s, and 39% from the floor. Bennett has seen success winning a Euro title in his season there and in the NBA G-league in his 5 seasons seeing 68 games has averaged 13.2 ppg, 5.6 rpg, 42% from 3s, 49% from the floor. Bennett was cut by the Rockets during training camp before this season and he is currently unsigned. For a guy that was drafted number 1 overall 6 years ago and look likely to be done in the league is very disappointing. Everyone on this list will come to your mind with you think of NBA Bust but Anthony Bennett takes home the crown as the biggest.

Biggest Bust in NBA History (Photo by Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports)