Thank You, Gameday

ESPN College Gameday is a pregame show that broadcasts live outside of a stadium hosting a game that day. In 1993 they made their first show outside South Bend for the Notre Dame vs Florida State game. Since 2006 when the analyst, along with the celebrity guest (athletes, school mascots, singers, actors & celebrity personalities). pick games for the day and Lee Corso ends the show when he puts on the mascot head of who he picks for the game they are at. Gameday is known for Corso pick, Gameday signs, and random school flags in the background. On October 26 the Gameday crew visited Brookings, SD population of 24,000 for the big FCS game between North Dakota State and South Dakota State. In this letter to Gameday, I will explain why the show is so special, thank you ESPN for picking Brookings, SD, and why they should return to the midwest November 2nd for the Minnesota Gophers game.

Why Gameday is Special

On a weekend when Auburn played LSU, Wisconsin played Ohio State, Michigan played Notre Dame, College Gameday picked to host their show in Brookings, South Dakota for an FCS game. They have been to FCS games before in Fargo, ND for NDSU and Harrisonburg, Virginia for James Madison University. What makes Gameday so special is they try to go to the best environment and not just the biggest game each week. Gameday has visited Western Michigan, Bowling Green, Boise State, UCF, Temple, Air Force, and been going to Army-Navy game since 2014. Gameday in Brookings was special with many analysts after the day stating what a great atmosphere it was in the crowd and how they had a great first-time experience in South Dakota. They had a Mount Rushmore segment since it is in South Dakota, had the state governors make their picks for the game, gave NDSU fans got moved to the front row to show off their titles, and plenty of jokes of SDSU stands for San Diego State; not South Dakota. The celebrity guest was Pat Mcafee which may seem strange but there is a connection to the school. Pat Mcafee’s teammate in the NFL was South Dakota State Legend and current SDSU kicker uncle Adam Vinatieri since Adam couldn’t make it because he still plays for the Colts. Pat Mcafee, the icon flew into Brookings on his Jet with a cut off Jacks’s Hoodie. Mcafee brought plenty of juice to the show with each segment he was apart of and made SDSU fans love him with he said to excuse his dumb friend Kirk Herbstreit picked NDSU and Mcafee was in distraught when Corso put the Bison head-on. Mcafee has been a longtime fan favorite with his podcast and #FortheBrand branding he often tweets about and has a deal with ESPN as a host and should permanently be on Gameday or Monday Night Football. Thank you College Gameday for going to the Dakota Marker game and giving SDSU fans a memory for a lifetime.

Pat Mcafee joins College Gameday in Brookings, SD (Photo by Photo: Abigail Dollins / Argus Leader)

Why Gameday at Minnesota

The Minnesota Gophers are currently 8-0 for the first time since 1941, 5-0 in the conference for the first time since 1961, and their rank at 13 is the highest since 1999. PJ Fleck is doing magically thing in Minnesota and the Gameday show should recognize and come to Minnesota for the first time. Last season Fleck Gophers were the youngest team in division 1 which ended the year with a win against Wisconsin to get the Axe back, and beat Georgia Tech in the bowl game. I understand the Gophers barely made it out of non-conference undefeated but there last 4 games have been Big 10 blowouts against Nebraska, Illinois, Rutgers, Maryland and running back Rodney Smith just broke the Gophers all-time purpose yard record. The Gophers play historic program that was selected for HBO show 24/7 Penn State who is also undefeated and will be a top 25 showdown. I know LSU plays Alabama who are ranked 1 and 2 in the country and both undefeated in the SEC. Like PJ Fleck said in his press conference you can go to LSU-Alabama every year which they been to both sites 13 times and Alabama has made a record 46 appearances. Why not go to a Big 10 showdown instead of another SEC game. The Twin Cities has recently held the Super Bowl and Final 4 and why not College Gameday visit the only Division 1 school in Minnesota. Another potential matchup Gameday could come to Minnesota for is the Minnesota-Wisconsin game to end the year. This game could decide who goes to the Big 10 championship as while as the border battle for the Axe in which the Gophers won it for the first time since 2004 last season. Wisconsin coming off two consecutive loses is hurting there ranking which hurts this matchup. The Celebrity Guest could be legend coach and former Gopher player Tony Dungy or my pick would be former Gopher Wrestler Brock Lesner. ESPN College Gameday come to Minnesota you won’t regret in, it not that cold here yet and the atmosphere will be just as excited as the LSU-Bama game. There is a big thing going on in Minnesota and ESPN needs to showcase that they care about the little guys and not just the football powerhouses.

PJ Fleck leading the charge for the Golden Gophers (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

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