R U Kidding Me (Clown Edition)

Are you kidding me is a segment where I find 3 or 4 ridiculous storylines that the sports world is currently talking about. These segments could be monthly, or weekly all depends on what goes on in the sports world. These storylines are ones you can’t make up or are unpredictable that makes you think are we really discussing these topics. This edition I will discuss three NFL players that made public comments that came back and made them looked bad. What you take away from this article is if you are going to talk trash then you better back it up or make sure their not video evidence of the situation you are talking about. If you don’t you end up being a clown and it was a bad month if your last name is Brown. I will explain how these 3 NFL players became clowns and how they could have put themselves in a different situation.

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is the first clown on this list because after his situation nothing happened to him except him looking bad. After a Monday night win keeping the 49ers undefeated and the Browns struggling Sherman told NFL.com Michael Silver, “What’s amazing, and annoying, was him not shaking hands at the beginning That’s some college s—. It’s ridiculous. We’re all trying to get psyched up, but shaking hands with your opponent — that’s NFL etiquette. And when you pull bush-league stuff, that’s disrespectful to the game. And believe me, that’s gonna get us fired up.” After multiple videos came out the next day that showed the pregame coin toss and showed that Baker did shake hands. Sherman then tries and twist in to after the coin toss that Baker snubbed him and walked away from him, which Baker was just heading to the sideline ready for the game. Then Sherman was surprised the story got so big and thought this was football and not a soap opera and he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. While Sherman you got Clowned for all of these quotes, Baker said it best with that’s one time the camera has recorded something in Baker favor. Baker is one of the most talked-about QBs in the league that the cameras always following and if you didn’t think it was going to draw much attention you are lying Sherman. Of course, you want to be done talking about because you look like a fool trying to make Baker look bad; off the field, and after the videos came public you should have made a publicly apologize to Baker instead of trying and twist it. Sherman is known for his trash-talking and back in 2014 when he ranted about the 49ers putting a sorry receiver Micheal Crabtree on him. Sherman saw the wrong side of this feud and looked bad, but his 49ers are 5-0 and looking like one of the NFL best teams. For Sherman to avoid being clowned again maybe don’t say a situation went a different way then it did and especially when its a guy that camera always seems to find.

Richard Sherman started beef with Baker (Photo by clutchpoints.com)

Zach Brown

Life hit Zach Brown fast this week when he was released by the Philadelphia Eagles. Last week he made public comments about Vikings QB Kirk Cousins saying, “Cousins, I think every defense is going to want that guy to throw the ball. For me, that’s probably the weakest part of their offense is him. Everything else is good. They’ve got a good running game, probably one of the best in the league. They have real good receivers. You just want them to pass the ball. You want Kirk Cousins to get it in his hands…. I was at the Redskins with him so I know about him. That’s my viewpoint on him.” Then Kirk threw for 333 yards, 4 touchdowns and led the Vikings to a 38-20 win. After the game when asked about Cousins he replied with “I’m here to talk about the game. Any other questions besides Kirk Cousins?” After all, being embarrassed by the Vikings and being wrong about Kirk, Zach Brown got cut the next day. Even though he will get picked up by an NFL team, and who knows what the real reason for him being cut. If you are going to talk a big game like that in the NFL you better not let the player walk all over your defense. Zach Brown should have more respect for Kirk because he was a key player for the Redskins success and he not lost his job on the Eagles a playoff potential team. Hopefully, you learn your lesson Zach “Clown” and whatever new team you play you don’t make public comments before the game.

Zach Brown with the Eagles before he was cut (Photo by Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)

Antonio Brown

Now the biggest clown of them all Antonio Brown. If more and more players become clowns as fast as these 3 did, I’ll have to make a 1 to Antonio Brown scale. First, with the Pittsburgh Steelers, he started drama within their organization which involved throwing furniture out of his apartment window and almost hitting a 22-month old child. Also getting cited for speeding in excess of over 100 mph on the highway. Then an argument with QB Roethlisberger led Brown to skip practices and getting benched for the Week 17 game in which the Steelers lost and missed the playoffs. Brown upset about his role with the Steelers demanded a trade and led him to the Raiders. Steelers were close to a deal with the Buffalo Bills until Brown protested on social media. On the Raiders the drama didn’t stop, first Brown got frostbite on his feet during a cryotherapy session causing him to miss most of training camp. Then the whole helmet issue that made Brown make the first R U Kidding me article. Brown then was fined by GM Mayock a combine $54,000 due to missing practices and posted the letter of the fines on Instagram. Then the next day at practice Brown confronted Mayock with reports of Brown calling Mayock a “cracker”, being held back by Vontaze Burfict (suspended for the year), and then punted a football and said, “fine me for that”. Then Mayock fined Brown 215,000 for the altercation and Brown decided to post a phone conversion between him and Jon Gruden. Brown made an apology in the team meeting and said he’s excited to be a Raider. The next day Brown demanded a trade and was sent to New England. Only spent a week in New England due to sexual and personal misconduct allegation toward him. He was cut after allegedly intimidating text messages to one of his accusers. Now Antonio Brown says he wants to get back in the league which isn’t likely since he will likely be suspended and the league is done with him. Ryan Clark said it best when he said give him money, you’re going to create a monster back in 2012 before he got a new deal in Pittsburgh. The 7-time pro bowl found his way from one of the NFL best to out of the league in a few months. Antonio Brown thought he was bigger than the league and all the drama he causes made every time even the Patriots to pass him.

Antonio Brown short time with the Pats (Photo by sportingnews.com)

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