R U Kidding Me (August edition)

Are you kidding me is a segment where I find 3 or 4 ridiculous storylines that the sports world is currently talking about. These segments could be monthly, or weekly all depends on what goes on in the sports world. These storylines are ones you can’t make up or are unpredictable that makes you think are we really discussing these topics. This edition I will discuss Dabo Swinney not giving Kelly Bryant a ring, Antonio Brown helmet issue, and police thinking bird poop was cocaine on Georgia State QB car. I will also give a shout out to Minnesota own Chet Holmgren going viral this month.

Kelly Bryant ringless

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney decided to not give former Clemson Tigers Quarterback Kelly Bryant a championship ring. Kelly Bryant played the first 4 games of the season before getting benched for freshman star Trevor Lawrence. Kelly Bryant then decided to sit out the rest of the year so he wouldn’t lose his last year of eligibility and have now transferred to Missouri (ineligible for Bowl games this season). Dab0 reasoning is that Kelly Bryant wasn’t on the team and decided to leave. I understand Kelly brought the team back to the playoffs in 2017 after Deshaun Watson led them to a National Championship the year before. I get that Kelly won some games for them last year and his decision to leave so he could play college football again instead of sitting on the bench was the right move. I agree with Dabo on this one, Kelly wasn’t there for the team at the end of the year as while as its not just one ring. If Dabo gives Kelly a ring then everyone feels like they deserve one, Jalen Hurts wouldn’t stay around at Alabama if he could transfer and still win a championship ring for past performance. Kelly Bryant left the team so he could play one more year and I don’t blame him but he doesn’t deserve a ring for leaving Clemson.

Kelly Bryant and his former coach Dabo (Photo by FootballScoop.com)

Antonio Brown “Helmet” issue

Antonio Brown is one of the NFL biggest Divas and after last season problems with the Steelers he got traded to the Raiders for a 5th round pick. Antonio Brown once again has some issue with the NFL saying his helmet that he been wearing since his rookie season is no longer certified. Concussions are the NFL biggest issues and every season they go through a process to determine if a helmet is safe to play in or not. Antonio Brown helmet is over ten years old and that’s the main reason why it didn’t get certified. Instead of just wearing a new helmet like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, Antonio Brown tried to fight the NFL. Antonio Brown said if he can’t wear his old helmet then he will not play. His reason is that the new helmets block his vision. Antonio Brown lost the battle and have said that he will still play. The reason he lost is the NFL is such a big business and not going to give special treatment to one player if Brown wants to quit then someone else will fill his spot. This is almost as bad as David Irving who suspended indefinitely for violated league drug policy and has said he retired from football to protest league policy toward marijuana. The NFL doesn’t care about players, just about their safety and not going to change their rules for one player because there are thousands of players that dream about getting a chance to play in the NFL. Antonio Brown just needs to stop his complaining and wear a helmet the NFL certified. Antonio Brown has become a star since he was drafted in the 6th round out of Central Michigan and just needs to be happy with his 30 million dollars he is guaranteed.

NFL biggest Diva Antonio Brown (Photo by RaidersWire.com)

Bird poop=Cocaine

Georgia State Quarterback Shai Werts who started 10 games last season and had a total of 25 touchdowns (passing, rushing) and no interceptions was pulled over for speeding couple weeks ago. Shai Werts was then arrested and charged with Drug possession for what police believe was cocaine on the hood of his car. Shai repeatedly told police numbers of time that it was bird poop but according to some test kit the police had it tested positive twice for a drug. Shai Werts was suspended until the charges were dropped since the police found out it was actually bird poop and not cocaine. Only thing I have to say about this is how can the police not tell the difference and they came out and said everything about him and his car made him a clean person except for his hood. I guess if you have bird poop on your car wash it off or you might get arrested for it being “cocaine”.

Georgia State QB Shai Werts (Photo by Richard Shiro)

Shout out- Chet Holmgren

Shout out to Minnesota own Chet Holmgren who plays for Minnehaha Academy and is currently national ranked 7 by rivals.com for the class of 2021. The 7-foot center currently has 13 offers but more and more will be coming in as his ability makes him a game-changer. At Minnehaha Academy, he plays with Jalen Suggs who is highly ranked for football and basketball who also part of the class of 2021, and highly recruited class of 2022 Prince Aligbe. Chet Holmgren took over social media the last week for crossing up Steph Curry with his move (video below). Chet play was shown on ESPN, Bleacher Report, Barstool Sports podcast, and many more major sports accounts. Chet has many more followers after this moment and is helping to bring attention to Minnesota basketball talent. Chet will receive much big-time Division 1 offers after his junior year and if he keeps pulling off moves like this one.

Chet crossing up Curry with his own move (Youtube.com)

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