NCAA QB’s to watch

On August 24 College Gameday will open the football season at Magic Kingdom before the Miami, Gators game. The only problem I have with this is fans won’t be able to bring signs to hold in the background since Disney World bans poster and signs in their park. College Football is finally back and Saturdays are back to sitting on the couch all day watching game after game. Quarterbacks are the key pieces for every team trying to win their conference or make a playoff push. I picked my top 10 Quarterbacks to watch this season, I didn’t go by overall because some Qbs disappoint or disappear after one good season. I pick the biggest names and ones that if you are looking for a game to watch and its one of these 10 guys, you should change it to that channel. I also will address the Gophers current QB situation for this upcoming season.

Clemson: Trevor Lawrence

As Lavar Ball would say NEVA LOST stands true for Clemson Sophomore stud Trevor Lawrence. Trevor Lawrence the 5-star Qb took over for Clemson week 5 last season as a true freshman and never looked back to beat Bama in the championship. Lawrence who been called a “once in a generation” type of player has lived up to the hype to this day. With Travis Etienne and Justyn Ross coming back Clemson offense with Lawrence leading the charge look unstoppable. Lawrence is the best Qb in college football and will be the first pick of the draft when he enters (has to be 3 years removed from high school to enter). Lawrence and his sunshine looks could go down as one of college football greats when his times comes to an end.

Games to Watch: 9/7 Texas A&M 2:30, potential Bama National Championship

Freshman Stats

Clemson Star Trevor Lawrence (Photo by BART BOATWRIGHT)

Alabama: Tua Tagovailoa

Tuanigamanuolepola “Tua” Tagovailoa, yes that’s his real name like every college football conference starts with Clemson and Alabama and why not start my QB to start with these two that took over college football last season. Tua came to frame in the championship his freshman season when he replaces Jalen Hurts in the second half and threw the game-winning pass in overtime. Tua took over the starting job and led Alabama to another championship where Lawrence and Clemson were too much to handle. Tua with his 4 NFL ready receivers led by Jerry Jeudy look to get back to the championship and have a rematch with Clemson. Tua is ready to continue to dominate and after this season go down as Alabama greatest QB ever.

Games to Watch: 11/9 LSU TBD, potential Clemson National Championship

Sophomore Stats

Alabama star Tua Tagovailoa (Photo by

Georgia: Jake Fromm

The other quarterback with college football playoff experience is Jake Fromm from Georgia. Netflix started a show QB1 where they follow 3 high school quarterbacks senior seasons and Jake Fromm was one of three guys from season 1. Jake Fromm took over for 5-star recruit Jacob Easton (transferred to Washington) got injured and took Georgia to the National Championship his freshman year and ultimately lost to Bama. His sophomore season he yet again beat out a 5-star QB Justin Fields (transferred to Ohio State) and led Georgia to the SEC championship and losing again to Bama. Jake Fromm has been solid for Georgia offense and in the tough SEC, as he looks to help Georgia get past Alabama.

Games to Watch: 9/21 Notre Dame 7:00, 11/2 Florida 2:30

Sophomore Stats

The guy that has made many QBs to transfer (Photo by Jeff Sentell)

Oregon: Justin Herbert

The potential number 1 pick Justin Herbert decided to go back to Oregon for his senior year instead of being one of the top picks in the draft. Justin Herbert was a Heisman Trophy candidate last season even though he was with his third head coach and changing the offensive scheme. Justin Herbert often misses the spotlight because the Pac-12 is looking down on by the Power 5 conferences and Pac-12 games are often late at night for most people. Herbert looks to led Oregon to a Pac-12 title and Justin Herbert looks to build his resume to beat out Tua as best QB in the draft.

Game to Watch: 8/31 Auburn 6:30

Junior Stats

Justin Herbert is key to Oregon success (Photo by

Arizona: Khalil Tate

The other Qb to watch in the Pac-12 is Khalil Tate for Arizona, even though Arizona isn’t ranked and projected to be at the middle of the conference. Tate looks to take over for Kevin Sumlin offense and led Arizona to a Pac-12 championship. Khalil broke out sophomore year and look unstoppable in the air and on the ground but, injuries made his junior season an up and down year. Khalil is healthy and ready to get back in the Heisman conversational.

Games to Watch: 10/12 Washington TBD, 11/16 Oregon TBD

Junior Stats Passing / Sophomore Stats Rushing

YardsTDsCMP%INTRush Yds Rush TDS YPC
Khalil Tate healthy and ready for his senior season (Photo by Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

Texas: Sam Ehlinger

The modern-day Tim Tebow is Texas QB Sam Ehlinger who is ready to take over the Big 12 and bring Texas back to the Vince Young Era. Sam Ehlinger won the starting job before his sophomore season and help Texas get to the Big 12 championship against Oklahoma. Ehlinger made a promise like Tebow famous “promise speech” that after the lost in the Big 12 Championship that his mission will be to never let the Longhorns or the University of Texas feel this disappointing again. Ehlinger and the Longhorns beat Georgia in their bowl game, as Ehlinger became the 6th Power 5 Qb in the last two decades to throw for over 25 touchdowns and run for more than 15. Ehlinger is ready to make his Heisman run and led Texas to their first college football playoff.

Games to Watch: 9/7 LSU 6:30, 10/12 Oklahoma 11:00

Sophomore Stats

Sam Ehlinger help bringing Texas back (Photo by

Oklahoma: Jalen Hurts

Ehlinger biggest competition and the QB with the most pressure this season is Oklahoma Jalen Hurts. Hurts has high exceptions coming from Alabama where his freshman year they lost to Clemson in the Championship. Then his sophomore season defeated Clemson in the first round of the playoff and then he was benched at halftime for Tua where they won in overtime. Then instead of transferring and having to sit out a year he stayed at Alabama and helped them get back into the Championship when Tua got hurt. Now Hurts with his grad-transfer went to Oklahoma and beat out 5-star QB Spencer Rattler. Hurts also has high exceptions going to Oklahoma since the last 2 QBs have won the Heisman, made the football playoffs and became the 1st pick in the draft. Hurts hope to help Oklahoma and Lincoln Riley continue their Big 12 dominance.

Game to Watch: 10/12 Texas 11:00

Sophomore Stats (Replaced by Tua Junior year)

Jalen Hurts trying to keep the Heisman streak at Ou (Photo by

Nebraska: Adrian Martinez

Nebraska is trying to get back to their Tom Osborne wherein his 25 seasons, Osborne never won fewer than nine games, secured 13 conference titles, and only coached three games where they were not in the Top 25. With Scott Frost and freshman Adrian Martinez struggle early last season going 0-6 but eventually turned it around and went 4-2 to finish the season. Martinez is ready for year 2 and the Huskers are ranked 24 in the preseason poll. Martinez is even in the Heisman conversion and is ready to lead Nebraska to a Big 10 Championship.

Game to Watch: 9/28 Ohio State

Freshman Stats

Martinez looking to help rebuild Nebraska (Photo by Martinez Twitter)

Ohio State: Justin Fields

Ohio State star transfer Justin Fields is another QB to be featured on Netflix show QB1. Justin Fields freshman year didn’t go as planned when he decided to go to his home state school at Georgia and didn’t beat out Jake Fromm for the job. Fields played in a limit role for the bulldogs and left for the Buckeye state. Fields got immediate eligibility by saying some Georgia baseball players were using racial slurs at him so he had to leave. Fields won the starting job at Ohio State and look to led Ohio State in their tough Big 10 schedule.

Games to Watch: 11/23 Penn State TBD, 11/30 Michigan 11:00

Freshman Stats

Justin Fields look to come in and be a key player for Ohio State (Photo by Jack Westerheide)

Hawaii: Cole Mcdonald

The small school QB to watch is Hawaii Cole Mcdonald, like Trevor Lawrence with his sunshine year and golden arm Mcdonald lit it up his first year as a starter. Mcdonald a 2-star QB who was ready to prove himself by going to a junior college got his only offer by Hawaii at the last moment. Mcdonald took this chance and help led Hawaii to an 8-6 record and a bowl game. If you are looking for a game to watch turn into Mcdonald and the Rainbow Warriors offense torch secondaries.

Games to Watch: 8/24 Arizona 9:30, 9/14 Washington 6:30

Sophomore Stats

Cole Mcdonald from Hawaii (Photo by

Gophers QB Situation

Gopher QB battle ended when last year week 1 starter Zach Annexstad hurt his foot in camp. Tanner Morgan was ranked 10th best QB in the Big ten and 86 overall in Divison 1. Tanner Morgan took over after Annexstad got injured last season and went 4-2 including wins over Wisconsin and Georgia Tech in the bowl game. Gopher fans should be confident with Morgan throwing the ball especially with speedy WR Tyler Johnson coming back. Morgan backups will be talented freshmen who are on scholarship Jacob Clark and Cole Kramer getting plenty of reps to be ready when needed. Gophers should cruise through the non-conference schedule but its get tougher during the end of Big 10 play with Nebraska, Penn State, Iowa, and Wisconsin. PJ Fleck led the youngest team in college football to a bowl game and beat Wisconsin for the first time since 2003. Gophers football looks like they have their best team in recent years and ready to start competing in the Big 10.

Tanner Morgan looks to win Minnesota starting job (Photo by Minnesota Athletic Communications)

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  1. I hope What I say here comes to pass, and that is that Jake Fromm comes out in the NFL draft and the Vikings pick himabd end the QB problem they have had for the 10 years at least or longer.


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