Hard Knocks: Raiders

HBO Hard Knocks is an NFL reality show that follows an NFL team during training camp and allows fans to watch the ups and downs of the NFL. The rules to be selected for the show are a team can’t be selected if it was in the playoffs either of the last two seasons and if it has a first-year head coach or if it has been on the program at any point in the last 10 years. That leaves 5 teams the Detroit Lions, San Fransisco 49ers, New York Giants, Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders. They selected the Raiders as it debuts August 6th on HBO, and I’m going to tell you why this pick was a slam dunk over the other teams.

HBO show Hard Knocks (Photo by HBO.com)

Why Nots

Lions– The Lions are nothing special for tv. Matthew Stafford there QB and will threw for 5000 yards again this season.

49ers– Jimmy G coming back from injury will make them interesting to watch, along with 1st round pick Nick Bosa. Richard Sherman could make some interesting moments with his trash talking. Head Coach Kyle Shanahan has been very vocal of not wanted to be on the show.

Giants– Giants have to decide when Daniel Jones will take over for Eli and watching them in training camp would be fun. As well as Saquon Barkley is one of the best young stars in the league. With Golden Tate getting suspended, Coleman torn ACL, Shepard fractured thumb would make training camp interesting. But, no one wants to watch one of the worst teams in the league training camp.

Redskins– The only other option that could have been a good pick for HBO was the Redskins. With Alex Smith trying to come back from his leg injury that got infected after, Case Keenum and rookie QB Dwayne Haskins all competing for playing time. As well as Derrius Guice coming back from his ACL injury, Redskins are a team to look out for this season.

Battle of the Gruden for Hard Knocks (Photo by Clutchpoints)

Why the Raiders

The Raiders team is built for reality tv with John Gruden as the Head Coach. Gruden recently went back into coaching after being on ESPN for many years. As well as Mike Mayock who was a draft expert for NFL Network is the new Raiders GM. This is the Raiders last year in Oakland before moving to Las Vegas. After trading away current stars Khalil Mack and Amir Cooper for draft picks, Gruden has the type of players he wants for his teams. 3 first-round draft picks with Clelin Ferrell who many thought was a reach, Josh Jacobs, and Johnathan Abram. Derek Carr has been questioned if he is good enough to be an NFL QB and now has diva WR Antonio Brown to give him some more help. Antonio Brown caused a lot of problems with the Steelers last season before getting traded. Raiders other reality stars are Richie Incognito and Vontaze Burfict who both signed with the Raiders this offseason. Incognito was voted dirtiest player in the NFL in 2009, also was apart of a bullying scandal of former teammate Jonathan Martin with the Dolphins. In the ESPN report, it said Incognito would used racial slurs toward Martin and even threaten to kill him once over 2 seasons and reported that Martin wasn’t the only victim. It has been said that the Dolphins coaches told Incognito to toughen up Martin but he took it took far, recently Incognito got back in the news with getting arrested in a funeral home for threaten to kill employee over an argument about his father. After taking a year off Incognito is an interesting signing for Gruden as he is suspended for the first two games of the season. The other star Burfict who is a productive player when he’s on the field the problem is, he’s not on it too much. Burfict have faced many suspension for illegal hit and PEDs, as he is always in controversial incidents in his career. In his seven-year career with the Bengals, he has racked up 4.2 million dollars in fines. The Raiders also signed Burfict this offseason to help the defense. Some other characters on the Raiders are back-up QB Nathan Peterman who Gruden said is growing on him even though Peterman who threw 5 interceptions in a half of football on 16 passes and been called the worse NFL QB in history. They also got Clemson star Hunter Renfrow who became a hero when he caught a touchdown pass to beat Alabama in the closing second of the National Championship. They sign Last Chance U star Ronald Ollie but he has already been cut in training camp, and for you UMAC fans they still have Greenville star linebacker, Nicholas Morrow. With all this in one NFL locker room, it makes the Raiders the easiest selections in history and HBO hope it helps raise the viewers of there show.

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