Mighty Ducks

Series 8/10, The youth hockey movie base in Minnesota was one of my favorites growing up and still is. Despite it getting bad reviews for being too predictable, unrealistic, and only appealing to a younger audience the first movie was very successful in theaters and enough to make two sequels and an animated show. The first movie made $54 million in home video sales in 1992 when it came out. The movie was so popular a year after it came out the NHL expansion team Anaheim Mighty Ducks copied the name, later dropped the mighty. When I went to Phoenix Coyote game in Arizona and wore my Conway Ducks jersey and received many comments on how cool my jersey was and a lady took a picture of it to show her kids it who love the series (2017, 15 years after the movie came out kids still love it). It is even rumored that Disney plus will have a Mighty Ducks tv show on it in 2019, 17 years later.

Mighty Ducks: D1

9/10, The original Ducks movie has the most realistic storyline in my opinion and that’s why it got a 9. Gordon Bombay is a very successful defense attorney and to celebrate his big win he celebrates by drinking and gets arrested for drunk driving. For his community service, he has to coach a pee-wee hockey team, which he is upset about because it brings back his memory of missing a penalty shot in the championship costing his team “the Hawks” to lose. Coach Bombay team has limited equipment, gear, and practice on outdoor ice, so Bombay gets his boss Ducksworth to sponsor the team, where the team name came from the Ducks. Trying to figure a way to get this team to win Bombay finds out that Adam Banks on the Hawks is playing for the wrong team and should be on the Ducks. After Banks dad try to fight it, Adam decides it better to play for the Ducks then no one. After not caring for the team and losing trust in many of the players he eventuality got them to trust him and start winning some games. Ducks went on to the championship against the Hawks, then Charlie Conway the team leader is in a similar situation that Bombay was in goes on and wins it for the Ducks. The movie ends with Bombay getting on a bus for a minor league hockey tryout.

Movie Cover for Mighty Ducks

D2: The Mighty Ducks

8.5/10, The movie starts with Bombay on his minor league team dominating but he gets hurts and loses his chance at getting to the NHL. Now back in Minneapolis Bombay looking for something to due gets offered to coach the junior games with his old team the ducks. Bombay and Charlie Conway manage to reunite most of the former team, along with some other US stars in LA. During the early games, Team USA wins easily and Bombay starts to live in the LA lifestyle. My favorite part of the whole series is when Ducks enforcer (Fulton Reed) and Dean Portman become the “Bash Brothers” and dominate opponents. The team suffers a bad loss 12-1 to Iceland and Coach Bombay Aka Coach Blood now is furious and practice is so hard the team sleeps in tutor Michelle McKay class. The next day she cancels practice allowing the players to rest and Bombay is upset. While the team didn’t have a practice they still go to the training facility so they are still ready for the upcoming game. There loud mouth Russ Tyler tells the team to play his friends in street hockey to show them how to be “the real team USA”. Russ Tyler later joins the team when a spot opens up with his unique “knuckle puck” shot. Bombay realizes he been enjoying the spotlight in LA too much and needs to get back to his old self. Bombay shows up late to the next game and apologize to the team and later burns a cutout of himself proving to the team that he not all about that anymore. In the championship Team, the USA is down and led by the Bash Brothers fights the bench. Bombay makes a big speech before the 3rd period and reveals new Ducks uniforms for the team to wear. Needing a goal to tie Russ Tyler disguised as Goldberg the goalie skates out to middle ice and uses his Knucklepuck to tie it up. In the Shootout Team USA won 4-3 against Iceland.

D2: Mighty Ducks Cover

D3: The Mighty Ducks

8/10, After winning the junior games, the Ducks were awarded scholarships to Bombay old school Eden Hall Academy. Eden Hall Academy is made up of three Minnesota big schools, Eden Prairie, Cretin Derham Hall, St. Thomas Academy. Bombay announces to Charlie that he won’t be their coach that he taking a job in the junior games and Ex-North Star player Ted Orion. The Ducks aren’t fans of Orion right away with his “two-way” hockey talk and taking Charlie captain “C” away from him. The Ducks “JV team” have beef with the Varsity team and sets up there own scrimmage. Orion shows up and tells the Ducks to take the jersey off the “Ducks are dead”, Conway and Fulton refuse and quit the team. Bombay comes back for longtime friend Hans funeral where he meets up with Charlie and explained to him that Orion quit hockey to take care of his daughter who was in a bad car accident. He always explains to Charlie the reason he started coaching the Ducks and that he told Orion that he was the heart and soul of the team. Charlie apologizes to Orion and asks to be back on the team before the team bus leaves. Now Conway and Fulton are back on the team, along with Banks who was moved up to Varsity. Dean Buckley informs Orion that the school is going to revoke their scholarship for lack of play but Bombay being a former attorney came to the rescue once again. They agree if Varsity beat JV, JV would leave but if JV beat varsity then they have to change the school name from the Warriors to the Mighty Ducks. Coach Orion gave the team there Ducks jersey for their hard work and learning how to play defense. Varsity came out physical but the Ducks new defense held it 0-0 to the 3rd period. During the break, Dean Portman came in the locker room with his scholarship in hand ready to play. With the final minute “Captain” Charlie on a breakaway throws it back to Goldberg who scores for the win and the Eden Hall Mighty Ducks banner falls.

D3: The Mighty Ducks cover

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