This book is a 5/5, one of the best books I have ever read. This book is a must read for any football fan, parents with children in youth sports, and anyone that wants to know more about CTE. Brainwashed by former NFL player and ESPN host Merril Hoge with help from doctor Peter Cummings (Board Certified Forensic Neuropathologist) was wrote in 2018 to defend football. Merril Hoge wrote this book to explain 3 myths in depth. The first that All NFL players are falling apart, second CTE is settled science and football causes it, and third youth football is child abuse. Merril Hoge also has a podcast that speaks about this subject at conferences. On the book’s website and in the book he gives things to know about CTE and questions for your youth football league.

Brainwashed by Merril Hoge

Myth #1

A lot of players struggle with what to do after their playing career. Some miss the crowd, the rush of playing, and after playing, having millions of dollars and nothing to do all day can lead a player to depression. The media only likes to report about players struggling with post-career life, instead of the number of NFL players that are in there 70s still living life. Merril Hoge explains why concussion causes him to retire early and the struggles he went through after his playing days.

Myth #2

Merril Hoge doesn’t say CTE is a myth, he just wants people to understand the connection between CTE and football isn’t as clear as the media makes it. Merril Hoge explains with doctor Cummings that some of the test done for CTE is extremely biased to make football causes CTE. Merril Hoge and Dr. Cummings grow through many studies and show why they are one-sided. Dr. Cummings explains that a brain with CTE appears to have Tau build up in the brain. Tau can be seen in numerous diseases and in aging, it is known that caused Tau in the brain is drug use, anabolic steroid use, obesity, chronic inflammation, and chronic stress. There also been studies that shown athletes having little to none Tau. When an injury to the head happens you need the right recovery to let the brain get back to 100% and rules/training for concussion have grown in the last 20 years rapidly, which is the best for the players and kids growing up.

Myth #3

Kids won’t atomically get CTE from youth sports, with only 0.9 kids from high school football players make it to the NFL. There are more pros than cons for kids to be in youth sports. Pros are the kids are playing a sport, with friends and learning characteristics instead of sitting on the couch and playing video games. Also, kids can hit there head riding a bike, jumping on the trampoline, and/or even running around and you can’t protect them from everything. Merril Hoge has a youth football league and he talks about with the right equipment, proper tackling training and right protocol for a concussion, youth leagues can be very positive for children.

To find this book and to learn more visit Merril Hoge official website

Brainwash authors, Dr Cumming and Merril Hoge (Picture from Youtube clip)

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